Kansas City Keyer hard to use?

WD5N%mimi at magic.itg.ti.com WD5N%mimi at magic.itg.ti.com
Thu Dec 7 14:52:56 EST 1995

From: wd5n at msg.ti.com
Subject: Kansas City Keyer hard to use?
I seem to have a hard time sending code with my K.C.Keyer.
At one time I thought it was dirty paddle contacts, but I
don't think that is it.  When squeezing characters, I can
make Y and Q okay, which inserts a dit into the dahs when
squeezed.  But characters that insert a dah into dits, such
as F and L, don't come out right.  In fact, the dah often
doesn't get inserted at all and nothing comes out but a
string of dits.  Seems that the timing of the insertion
squeeze has to be "perfect".
George, WB5VZL, claims to have the same problem with K.C.
Keyers (George says he is no CW op, but he is better than
he lets on), so I'm guessing it isn't just mine.  Trey says
it is because I'm a lid.  Well, that may be :-)  but I can
send okay with other keyers, like the built-in keyer in
my IC-765.  The only "adjustment" I know of changes the
auto-space function, but that shouldn't affect this.  Has
anyone else experienced this problem with this otherwise
fine keyer?  (respond directly please, not to reflector)
  Tnx / 73,  Dave  WD5Neurotic   <wd5n at msg.ti.com>

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