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Sat Dec 9 14:51:44 EST 1995


I have no problem with enforcing rules, if it is a rule.  My point is
that the window is not in the rules, it is a suggestion.  I don't think
its wise to make such a rule as: no US to US contacts in the window can
be counted as credit.

If the window watchers want to have a DX only contest, then set aside a
weekend for a arrl 160 dx contest and run it like the International DX
contest with only US&VE stations working the world.  I don't have the
station to be competitive working DX on 160 mtrs so changing the rules
in this contest would most likely drive me off the band.

If there is a DX contest on 160mtr, should we set aside a 5kc window
for US to US rag-chews?  Got to give the Cops something to do. (hee

Lets come to a gentlemans agreement and all contesters refrain from
working stations other than DX in the DX windows.  Sounded like a good
idea to me.

73, Don  WA8YRS                  don russell at

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