ARRL 160 meter score

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Wed Dec 13 20:38:40 EST 1995

Better late thtn never I guess. Anyway here is my score for the 160

Section: Iowa
Class: QRP
Call: NN9K/0
QSO Points--915
Multipliers--61 (1 DX contact)
Total Score--55,815

Thanks es 73

Pete, NN9K

>From George Cook (AA3JU)" <george at  Thu Dec 14 03:06:34 1995
From: George Cook (AA3JU)" <george at (George Cook (AA3JU))
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 22:06:34 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Catagories  Bleachhhh!
Message-ID: <199512140306.WAA25558 at>

The original of this seems to have gone out blank here goes again!

I have been reading with great interest the mail on  the "new" catagories.
I would 
fall into at least one of them I think since I have a Triband Quad.  Also
maybe one other since I have been licensed less than 3 years.  
"Hey great I can be in a box" was my first thought until I remembered
something real important.

This summer I had the disticnt honor of visiting W3LPL.  It is an amazing
place and gave me lots of ideas and direction to go towards.  But the single
most amazing and impressive thing I saw was this:  On the way down to the
shack is one wall on a landing on the staircase.  On that wall from celing
to floor are CQWW 1st place plaques.  Sort of a gleaming brass and wood
monument to EXCELENCE!  I saw not one other trophy or award in the whole
place just those.

Now how cheap would my 1st place with a tribander trophy be?  Nah that is
not what I want.  I know who runs what and I know where I stand.  And know
what if I get a 1st place I want it to mean something.  If only that one
plaque means a big white hole on Franks trophy wall!

Being first being BEST used to mean something I guess not anymore.  Please I
beg you all of my elders in this hobby and sport don't let them lower the
standards.  Let my hard work and percervernce mean something when I finally
get there.  I would rather loose with honor and be bested by the best than
to ever sip from the cup of a shallow victory!

AA3JU  george at    AA3JU at W3PYF
Proudly  F R C...........
"FRC When second best just isn't good enough!"

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