10 meter contest

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Wed Dec 13 20:31:42 EST 1995

WC9M asked me to post this for him:

Section: IL
Multi-op (high power)
630 QSO points
68 multipliers
total= 42,840 points

>From jeff janock, n2mzh" <jj at buttercup.cybernex.net  Thu Dec 14 02:28:24 1995
From: jeff janock, n2mzh" <jj at buttercup.cybernex.net (jeff janock, n2mzh)
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 21:28:24 -0500
Subject: n2mzh ARRL 10m score...
Message-ID: <199512140228.VAA01112 at buttercup.cybernex.net>

Single Op Assisted - New Jersey

CW       125      24 mults  (20states & 4dx)
SSB      190      28 mults  (20states & 8dx)
TOTAL: 46,176

Club: FRC

TA33, R7
Timewave DSP9


This is a strange contest, with many opening at odd times.
I sure wish for higher antennas to bag some of the vk/zl's
that called into the east coast...

my first try at this contest with a beam albeit only @ 25ft
on a roof tower...  Started off thinking of doing a qrp cw
effort, but quickly turned up the power and then the amp
as well as packet - needed some company to pass the time and
it helped to work lots of ground wave locals...

Lowlights: NO VE's in the log!  I could not even get ve3ej attention -
he was in and out all weekend...

Hightlights, having K3ZO call in while cq'ing not even remotely thinking of
working his area!!  - I sure need to work more vhf contests to figure out
the scatter/meteors modes of propagation!!  Nice to hear and work ZS and 9J
on 10m - all time new ones for me on 10m!!  Working VP2VF while he was a
solid 20 over 9
and then hearing him less than 10 minutes later just above the noise and folks 
struggling to work him!!

working a new mult (LA) on SSB as my last QSO
and solidly trouncing my score of last year by more than 3x!

Great fun to work all the locals -A couple of 30+ hours due to all the great
operators living with 100 miles of me!! I will be in there again next year.
Sun spots?  I never had them, so it should be interesting when they return!!

Best hour was around 50q's, but rate meter was humming (at least for this

73 de -jeff, n2mzh

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