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Sat Dec 16 09:44:39 EST 1995

Very simply, the 59 and 599 are used to simplify and speed up the exchange in
the attempt to increase the QSO rate. That is what you do to win in a
contest. If you want to go against the grain, cause a slow down, then, maybe,
you should not be in contesting? Remember, the objective is to make as many
contacts with as many multipliers as possible in a specific time period. If
you want to make a social statement, go to the politcal forum, do not get
into a contest.

As for the use of 5NN. This is an acceptable CW abbreviation used for the
same reason stated above.

The start-stop pulse of the exchange was well stated and very valid. The
habits developed over the many years of operating different contests are hard
to break, so maybe the current 59(9) start pulse is still best?


73, K8Joe"Palooka"
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