k0od at ix.netcom.com k0od at ix.netcom.com
Sun Dec 24 17:47:16 EST 1995

I've seen a few mentions on the contest reflector of a 40-meter single band 
CQWW CW operation by an AP2MY. The operator was supposed to be a K9, no less. 
I was single band on 40 the whole contest and never ran into such a delicacy. 
Floyd's claimed score list shows that AP2MY had something like 2400 QS 
(probably a new one on 40 for 2300 of those guys!).

I would think an AP CW contest operation by an American would be pretty 
newsworthy. Yet, I've seen nothing about AP2MY in any resource. Was AP2MY just 
a tantalizing typo, or was it for real?
                        Jeff K0OD  St Louis, MO  k0od at ix.netcom.com


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