Need Shareware Version of NA for NAQP!

ramirezk at ramirezk at
Fri Dec 29 20:13:23 EST 1995

Please, can someone help this poor old Southern Gent? I want very much to 
participate in the upcoming NAQP from here in South Carolina but am unable to 
spend the money on a new version of NA due to the calamities bestowed upon me 
and my family as of late. The mortgage payment on our farm is coming due and our 
1947 Ford pickup is on its last legs.We lost most of our chickens due to the 
recent freeze and our cow "Bessie" has reached menopause and no longer gives 
milk. What's a poor old farmer to do? I spent my last few cents on some wire to 
put up an antenna for 80 meters. I can now transmit on 160/80/40/20/15 but fear 
that the drudgery of logging on paper may kill these frail old fingers.Does 
someone out there have any kind of contest logging software that is shareware?
Would you find it in your heart to mail me a copy. I will reimburse you for the 
disk and postage in any way. Maybe a trade for some fence mending?
 My address is Rt 2, Box 82-R, Gray Court, South Carolina 29645
 It's 9PM local time here. Time to get back to the cabbage harvest. Whoa is me.
 73 and thanks from the bottom of my weak frail heart. Clem Kadiddlehopper

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