CQWW 160 scores G3TMA/G4DBN

Neil Smith g4dbn at cix.compulink.co.uk
Thu Feb 2 01:25:00 EST 1995

Ian and I were just DXing really, I'll post Vic G4BYG's score
later, he was using the super-station at G0NAA on the clifftop
on the east coast of Yorkshire.

G3TMA   172 qsos   42 countries    20 states   63510
G4DBN   140 qsos   68 countries    26 states   score embarassing!

I did work lots of W6/7 in that wild opening at 0200-0400 on the Sunday 
morning, thanks to all those who pulled though my weedy little pistol
of a signal (400 real watts to a dipole up 50ft and 60ft inv-L with
no beverages!)  I think most of the G's who took part agree that this
contest was the most fun in living memory!  (until the next one..)
Cheers and thanks to all those I DID work!  (Pity I missed ND)
Neil G4DBN/AA1EG    g4dbn at cix.compulink.co.uk

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