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The February QST contains an article about a new type of low band receiving
antenna called the EWE. It covers several MHZ (say 80 and 160!), is highly
directional, and is small. After reading the article (by WA2WVL) I wondered
if it was some kind of gag. Moreover, the EWE is low profile and can be built
for a few dollars. I would also think that if the EWE is as good as claimed
it is certain proof there is a God.
     In appearance, the EWE resembles a very short Beverage, though the
theory of operation is like that of a two element phased vertical array. The
horizontal wire is only about 10 meters long and is about 3 meters above
ground. In other words, they'll fit in a tiny yard. Several can be phased
for additional directivity.
     So, whats the truth about EWEs? What do you EEs think about them.
I realize a lot of you guys who farm wheat won't be thrilled about sharing
160 meter zone 26 contacts with the rest of us.
                         Jeff K0OD jfsinger at delphi.com      

>From Willy Umanets <uw9ar at chal.chel.su>  Thu Feb  2 21:45:55 1995
From: Willy Umanets <uw9ar at chal.chel.su> (Willy Umanets)
Date: Thu,  2 Feb 95 16:45:55 -0500
Subject: CQWW160 fm UN2L
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Here's a short story of CQWW160 from UN2L site.
We went m/s this time, UN4L - Nick, UN2L - Vitaly and I.
First surprise at 2314Z when Vitaly woke me up, 0414 local,
and said - Hey, Willy there seem to be some kind of a test
going on 160 already! everybody exchanges 599 and some weird
abbreviations! I half asleep asked what time it was and all of a
sudden remembered that, yes the contest starts at 2200! I only worked once
in this contest before a few years ago, so I forgot the contest
Got on the radio. WOW! The band was HOT! CQ for a couple of minutes
produced no QSO's. This time we were running abt 500W output (kinda getting
ready for WRTC'95). First NA heard - KP2A, easy qso after a few calls
at 2328. Right after that heard VP9AD. No qso after 10 minutes of try.
2341 - hear clearly K5ZD calling UA2FF. Gave Randy a call - no way he could
hear me thru big UA2FF. 2351 pop into someone sending at 35wpm 599NJ
loud and clear. Before I guessed what country NJ might be standing for,
(this indicates how well I copied that 599NJ, I mean, my brains were not
ready to accept the fact that a W can be this well copied on 160 from UN)
I heard "TU W2GD". Threw in "UN2L". Got immideate response with my full
call copied. WOW! Thought to myself -" is John working UN's in every
3 or 4 qso's or what?". Now that I know W2GD was a m/s effort I want to
congratulate the op who worked me, that was really one of the greatest
contest QSO's in my whole life. Boy, what a thrill! That also was my
very first W on 160! The first one I heard in my whole life was Randy,
though. 0053 hear loud VP2EC running W's. Spend 20 minutes, no luck.
Out of all the W's he wkd I heard VE3RM, K4WXZ and AA2FZ. So far VP2EC
is the loudest NA, about 1 s-unit on the meter. I finally get VP2EC's
attention and he busts my UN2L into UT2L, boy I wish I didn't hear that,
so I could put VP2EC into my log! I was never able to get the situation
corrected. 0306 run into BIG HG5A's
"QRZ K5ZL?", listen and hear clearly and even louder then before K5ZD
calling. HG5A still having problem copying Randy. I send Randy's correct call
while HG5A was listening, he finally gets a QSL from Randy and doesn't
let me give Randy a call on freq. Tried a few hundred Hz above, didn't go.
Oh, at 0140 run into  WW2Y calling CQ on 1838.1. The loudest so far W!
Louder than 'GD by at least two times audiowise. Sorry, boys non of you
had ever moved the S- meter on TS930S except for VP2EC and VE3EJ, but
later about the latter. WW2Y had very few takers and I spent about 10
minutes calling - no luck. From 0352 to 0417 calling VP2EC, real loud,
its just past my sunrise. No QSO. Work a few more QSO's before the band is
dead for the total of 180 Q's and 45 multiplier, mostly EU but some
interesting stuff as well, like A22MN.
The second night till 2200 Nick and Vitaly operated the station, they got
VQ9TP, R1FJL for the good ones.
2322 hear a good VE3EJ CQ on 1822.7! Can't believe the CONDX are that good!
Keep running into W2GD always above 1840. 'GD is the only USA I keep bouncing
into. 0056 easy QSO with P49I! 0110 heard clear AA8U's signal. 0127 run
into VE3EJ calling CQ at 30 - 35 wpm with no takers at all, and let me tell
you now how loud John was. I unplugged my headphones, so Nick and Vitaly
in the other room could hear it. They were having a conversation going on,
a pretty loud conversation, nevertheless in a couple of VE3EJ's CQ's with
the loudspeaker on the conversation stopped and they both appeared in the
doorway with strange looks on their faces expressing speachless question -
is it really a VE? It was INCREDIBLE, how loud 'EJ was! Took us 10 minutes
to make a QSO. 'EJ was 1 s-unit on the meter! Right after that again run
into VP9AD and in maybe 5 minutes finally get him. 'AD all the way through
the test was about as loud as KP2A very close to them was WW2Y, when I heard
him. The next loudest was W2GD, followed by K5ZD, N2NT, yes Andy I was calling
you at  arnd 0322, KV0Q, KN8Z. And, Randy, I did run into you when you were
CQ'ing at 0400, but it was probably too late for us...
In any way we finished with 434 good QSO's 4052 qso points and 60 plus 3
multiplier total score of 255.276. Oh the 3rd W/VE we worked was Jack VE1ZZ.
I can not express how I feel about that contest, it was just great fun!
Is this hobby fascinating or what?
Oh, and the antennas used were: same ole'vertical 32m tall with
3 1000' beverages W,S and E.

73, Willy, UA9BA
JV "Challenger Ltd"                 phone : 351-260-0190
Internet : uw9ar at chal.chel.su       fax   : 351-237-1756

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