PQ, QU and QC all = Quebec

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To answer Kirk WR3O and others who may be confused by the exchnages sent by
VE2s and VA2s, PQ, QU and QC are all abbreviations for Quebec.
PQ, as Trey pointed out does stand for "Province of Quebec", but in local
useage also refers to one of our political parties.
QU is obviously the first two letters of the name of this province.
QC is the two-letter abbreviation now favoured by the post office in Canada.
So be prepared Quebec stations may use any of the three.  We're such
unpredictable characters.  Ask anyone in any other province of Canada.
73, Dave VE2ZP/VE9CB
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>From ERIC HALL <HALLERI at minna.acc.iit.edu>  Mon Feb  6 03:20:39 1995
From: ERIC HALL <HALLERI at minna.acc.iit.edu> (ERIC HALL)
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 1995 22:20:39 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Novice Roundup '95
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Well I hope that some fellow contest reflector brotheren got on an worked 
a couple of /N or /T stns during the NR '95. It was alot of fun to hand out
some points to those folks (even for an extra class!). Hey, I only worked 
16 stns (14 /T, 2 /N) & 13 mults but I believe that there are some /N or /T
that will upgrade soon to get in on the "real" thing (not Coke!). A KB0 on the
packet cluster broke the 500 QSO mark! 
:-) Catch ya in the Sprint....Ah what was your name? 73, Eric WD9GGY 
All positive responses to: halleri at minna.acc.iit.edu  others: c/o Newt, Wash, DC

ERIC HALL          halleri at minna.acc.iit.edu

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