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Tue Feb 7 09:21:54 EST 1995

Once again very tough conditions here in the propagationally challenged 
North. I had fun, although with beautiful sunny conditions and temperatures of
+5-7 C(41-45 F) I wished I were out ice fishing until my fishing partner 
called me after the contest and said his weekend was a washout because they 
weren't biting(boy sometimes we do make the right choices in life hihi).
Here are a few scores from Northern Alberta,everyone is in Edmonton or from 
the surrounding area.

VE6JY -  S.OP. All Band H.P.  435 Q  1054 Qpts  175 M  184,450 Pts

CJ6V(VE6JAV) - S.OP. All Band L.P.  379 Q  832 Qpts  169 M  140,608 Pts

VA6A(VE6WQ) - S.OP. All Band L.P.  313 Q  689 Qpts  143 M  97,955 Pts

VE6ZX - S.OP. All Band L.P.  222 Q  502 Qpts  108 M  54,216 Pts 

As a matter of interest Joel,VA6A, and I used Marathon by Kevin 
Kreuger,N0IOS,the contest logging software for the MAC and it worked 
flawlessly.We had a beta test version that we both got a few days before the 
contest that included this new contest,it now covers most major contests.I 
also have a 386 laptop but this program works great for RTTY so I use it for 
all RTTY work and the laptop with NA for most of the others.

73 from John VE6JAV aka CJ6V.

>From Setzler" <Setzler at C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL  Tue Feb  7 17:50:07 1995
From: Setzler" <Setzler at C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL (Setzler)
Date: 7 Feb 1995 12:50:07 -0500
Subject: TS940 IF-10B NONavailability
Message-ID: <n1419960955.77923 at C813.NPT.NUWC.NAVY.MIL>

I spoke with Kenwood Technical Customer Service today.  They report that,
contrary to the latest rumor, Kenwood will NOT re-manufacture the IF-10B for
the TS 940.  The parts are not available and they know of no source of the
parts or of a kit.  Their only recommendation was to find one at a swap meet!

So........   what does one do with a mint 940 that won't play with the
computer ?????
                                        73 de James ,   KD1NG

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