WJ2O at WJ2O at
Sat Feb 11 22:41:37 EST 1995

Hello everyone,

Now that winter has decided to start up here in the North East, I'm leaving.
 Once again I'm sacrificing myself for the good of all ham radio and flying
to the Caribbean.  I'm risking possible death as I climb aboard those time
tested and true American Eagle flights.

Going to do a repeat of last year at the home of VP2EHF and VP2EE.  My call
will be VP2E/WJ2O.  I got eeked out of first place for low power last year
due to lack of Q's on 160.  This year I'm going to be ready.  Try me on 1818
at 0600 both days.

Last year the only 2 sunny days on the island were the days of the test.  The
rest of the time I spent trying to figure out how to drive on the left side
of the road.

Hope to catch you all on 6 bands!  Yes, 10 meters too!

73 es CUL, Dave, WJ2O

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