Complete - One handed Sprint

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Tue Feb 21 10:26:14 EST 1995

(Sorry about first msg, somehow it was chopped by AOL.)

After 39 years in the hobby I entered my first Sprint this year. 
Unfortunately for me I had developed an arthritic thumb joint in my 
keying hand.  Two days before the Sprint my thumb swelled up from
the wrist up, what to do?   

Since I was using NA,  I reprogrammed several  F keys to handle 
requests for repeats should they be necessary and two different
reports to handle the calling or being called conventions.

After an hour or so I finally got into the rhythm of the Sprint and had 
mucho fun.  This really wasn't a one handed Sprint since I was able
to use 9 fingers most of the time to type but not being able to use 
my key, it seemed one handed. (smile)   I may have a few more 
typo's then usual but I really didn't expect to win anyway.

Did I have fun?  You bet I did!  Was this the ultimate test of my 
skills?  Not really, great CW ops, easy to copy, strong signals,
mostly familiar calls, no annoying QRM and NO fatigue.  
Grrrrreat S&P practice!   I agree with Larry, K7SV that a Low
Power catagory would be desirable especially since this is a 
domestic contest.  

There has been a lot of flaming about which contests are the best
test of ones skills.  We all have subjective opinions.  Each contest 
has something different to offer and which one is the best test of
ones overall skills can never be resolved, they each present a 
different set of challanges in our subjective minds. Enuff said!

One handed Low Power fun.

Band         Q's       pts

80             60         60
40             75         75
20             49         49

               184        184   X  36  =  6,624

                        Tony, K2SG       FRC Domestic


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