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Tue Feb 21 13:24:11 EST 1995

	Hi to all!

	After some sleeping, now I can write my comments! I'm very
	happy with my results. This is my personal best ever, over
	800 QSOs more than last year. Conditions were fine in all
	bands, specially a surprise in 10m. Not having an antenna 
	for 160m really hurts. I must have one for next year!    

	The week started with some school work so I let the antenna 
	work to Thursday & Friday. Norberto, KP4WK, bought a strange
	tri band beam in a local Ham Fest ( later He discovered the
	traps were from a TA-33, only the traps! ). I asked him to
	install it for the ARRL DX CW and Thursday we did the work. 
	SWR was ok, <1.5:1 in 10, 15,20m and on the air tests confirmed
	the antenna was working ok. For the first time everything was
	ready long before the contest, at 2AM local on Thursday! After
	finishing all friday classes went to the station and talked with
	some guys and noticed excellent condx on 10m.     

	Friday, I started running on 40m with a fine 150/hr rate. Spent
	all the night in 40 and 80. 80 seemed like 20m, condx were
	great and the QRN was low (s5, normally s9). By the way, I
	heard KH6RS about sunrise, and thats a DX! The mornings were very
	boring with low rates due to S&P. W/VE stations in the morning
	were working the loud Europeans and there was no empty freq for a
	low power! I stayed in the air for the first 32 hours and then
	I felt so tired that went for some sleep. The high bands were 
	excellent. I made more QSOs this weekend in 10m than in the
	ARRL 10m contest weekend! Finally I finished the contest in a 
	great way, with a big Pile on 20m! 

	Thanks all for the contacts ( I worked a lot of "reflectorians" ).
	See you all in our M/S (low power :-( ) in the Phone weekend. 73's

Eric M. Guzman Colon, KP4TK/KP4VA
ericm at

>From dz at VOA.GOV (Dick Zwirko)  Wed Feb 22 00:50:05 1995
From: dz at VOA.GOV (Dick Zwirko) (Dick Zwirko)
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 95 19:50:05 EST
Subject: K1HTV/3 ARRL CW DX, SO/LP (160M) score
Message-ID: <9502220050.AA01669 at voa3.VOA.GOV>


Single Band (160M)  Low Power, Single Op (No Packet)
160M   69      207        32          6,624
TX - TS850S/AT (100 watts)
RX -    "      (500Hz/250Hz filters)
TX Antenna = 95' shunt fed 78' tower + 17' mast & 15,10,6,2M,70cM yagi tophat
             15 short (1/8 wavelength) radials
RX Antenna = Same (No room :-)
160M QRN level was very low for most of the contest. Conditions were,
in my estimation, fairly good but far from the best this season.
Worked almost all countries heard on CW, missing ZS, VK, OM, UA and
PA0 (booo). Heard FB 160M SSB sigs from VK6AS and XQ8ABF but they weren't
too interested in working CW.  
73 de Rich - K1HTV - Glenn Dale, MD

Richard Zwirko (VOA/BBOM) - K1HTV                         Voice of America    
Wilbur J. Cohen Building, Room 2165                   Broadcast Operations
Washington, DC 20547                            Technical Support Division
dz at .VOA.GOV                                                +1 202-619-1314

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