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frenaye at pcnet.com frenaye at pcnet.com
Mon Feb 20 03:58:00 EST 1995

I've seen several comments about how CT calculates off times, mostly from 
people puzzled about why they operated more hours in the recent ARRL DX 
Contest than CT reported.

I think that means most people haven't discovered the OFFTHRESH command 
within CT.  In the ARRL and CQWW DX contests the OFFTHRESH parameter is set 
to 10 (minutes), and in Sweepstakes to 30.  That means that if a 10 minute 
period goes by, CT counts it as offtime.  Last weekend we showed .3 hours of 
offtime when we had at least two stations QRV all the time.  That means we 
must have had two 10 minute periods with no QSOs (20 min = .3 hour).

So, if you want a more accurate estimate of your actual operating time, set 
OFFTHRESH to 30 - if you let more than 30 minutes go by without a QSO you 
should have been asleep!  

Type OFFTHRESH in the field used for callsigns and you'll be prompted to put 
in a new number.

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