Non-Meaningful Prefixes

AC1O at AC1O at
Wed Feb 22 19:53:03 EST 1995

OZ8RO recently posted (in part): 
>Once upon a time, a prefix was supposed to identify where you were  
>operating from. 
Yes, like New England or Florida. 
Walt, AC1O/4  "ac1o at" 
(...who gave up and used just plain AC1O, from Florida, this past weekend. 
If the FCC, as underscored by their new vanity rules, doesn't care about 
call areas meaning anything any more, I guess I don't either.  But, IMHO, 
this is NOT a step in the right direction; I'm still steamed, for example, 
that I missed Alaska in the CW SS despite working an AL7 AND a NL7...)  

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