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N5RZ at aol.com N5RZ at aol.com
Thu Feb 23 09:31:16 EST 1995

Hello Pack!!

After all the comments on Sprint operating, DX contest operating, etc., it's
good to know that we all LOVE CONTESTING.  As in all walks of life, everyone
requires different events to satisfy their desires.  K3ZO, KM9P, N2AA & K3WW
all have proven to me they are excellent operators even though they do it in
different ways.  After seeing Fred's (ZO) score in ARRL CW, and the fact that
he was able to still put in 44-45 hours (listen to him in the next All Asian
for his age - sri Fred) I hope I am able to put in that much time when I'm his
 age - and compete that well!!!   

While the Sprint somewhat levels the geographical advantage, there are excelle
nt operators out there who have no desire for this type of contest.  While I
encourage activity in all contests, I cannot condemn someone for not
participating because they don't like it. Conversrely, I don't expected to be
condemned because I operate my contests of choice.  I will not operate the CQ
160M contest next weekend on phone, not because I disapprove of the contest,
but because I don't enjoy 160M phone.  If that makes me less of an operator,
than so be it.   

I do extend an invitation to operators on the East Coast, however.  For those
of ya'll who REALLY want to sharpen your skills in DX contests & REALLY learn
how to DIG OUT the weak EU stns though MEGA QRM,  come out to West Texas for
CQWW this year!!!  Then stay and do the SS.   Then I'd like to hear your

Contesting forever!!!! Bring on the young bloods!!!

73,  Gator    --------------------------------;--;<<    N5RZ

N5RZ at aol.com

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