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>replaced. (Anyone know if you can get one piece of the bandswitch from
Barry, as I understand it, ETO is not longer stocking parts for the 78, 77 and their
various older models. I heard this from a third party who was inquiring as to the
availability of a new wattmeter board for a 77.  If you hear anything to the contrary,
please let me know. I own a 78 and would be happier knowing I could get it fixed
by the manufacturer.

>My vote for "best filter award" goes to KY1H. Twice he plopped down within
>50 Hz of me on 20 and "apparently" didn't hear me. K3WW tells me it 
>happened to him too. Didn't seem to affect rate much during EU runs
>rate much though.
The 80 meter op at KY1H exhibited the same magic filter characteristic.  I was
operating from K1VR, using his callsign, when KY1H appeared magically in my
passband, about 200 Hz away. He was about 20 over 9 in Eastern Mass and I
politley asked the operator to QSY because he was on a busy frequency. 
Obviously the op is was of those "East Coast Guys" who can only push F1 and
listen so he didn't understand the CWW I was sending him. Having no recourse,
(and not wishing to lose my productive run frequency) I alternated CQ's zero-beat
with him and using both the NE and SW antennas. After a few minutes of working
guys through him, and him hearing only my S9 plus signal, he got the picture.

I part of the visiting operator manual at that station doesn't include a chapter
on how to find your own run frequency.

73, J.P.

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