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Try sending to: contest at arrl.ORG  and see what happens.

73, J.P.
>I tried to submit my ARRL DX log by ftp to contest at arrl.com as stated in QST
>but got message back stating "host not found". Anyone else have this problem?
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TVI???  What TVI???

>From jesposit at sctcorp.com (Joe Esposito)  Mon Feb 27 16:22:00 1995
From: jesposit at sctcorp.com (Joe Esposito) (Joe Esposito)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 95 11:22 EST
Subject: March WPX Contest
Message-ID: <m0rj8Dq-0003HXC at sctladm.sctcorp.com>

I'll be in Burlington, VT over the WPX contest weekend to attend a
clogging competition (Appalachian dance). I'll have some time to play
ham radio too. Anyone from Burlington on the reflector who'd welcome a
guest operator to help fer a few hours?


Joe, K2YJL/M

>From Robert Shapiro <rshapiro at netcom.com>  Mon Feb 27 16:49:37 1995
From: Robert Shapiro <rshapiro at netcom.com> (Robert Shapiro)
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 08:49:37 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 3DA/ND3A ARRL CW Results
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9502270844.A12758-0100000 at netcom13>

Following is the result of part-time operation from the QTH of 3DA0CA.  
QSLs may be sent direct to ND3A or via the bureau to ND3A.


Call: 3DA/ND3A     Country: Swaziland
Mode: CW           Category: Single Operator All Band Low Power

Band     QSOs     States/Provinces
160        0             0
 80        1             1
 40      172            37
 20      226            38
 15      295            38
 10      149            26
Totals   843           140        = 354,060 points

Equipment: Yaesu FT-757GX
           80-10m Vertical (rarely used)
           40,20m inverted vee
           15m monopole fixed NNW (between Europe and Stateside; also
           used on 10m)
           Ham Key Iambic Paddle (slid easily on desktop and tended
           to skip characters - sorry about my fist! Am sending Jon
           a brand new Bencher paddle!!!)
           Paper logs and pen (My first HF contest without CT since
           1988 - Yuck!)
           3DA/ND3A callsign - could it have been worse?  (W5xxx insisted
           I was stateside and not in Swaziland and refused to work me!)

Comments: Jon Rudy (3DA0CA) and his family were great hosts.  I originally
          thought I'd be working from 6:30 am to mid-evening local time 

          because of the equipment being located in a bedroom, but the room
          was vacated Saturday nite, allowing me to operate all nite.

          With a couple of exceptions, the pileups were VERY well behaved
          and it was a pleasure working everyone!  Also, the only 80m QSO
          was with W3LPL (WR3E op), which took about 5 minutes to complete.
          I heard several other stations from the Eastern U.S. on 80m
          with solid signals but couldn't attract their attention.  I tried!

          QSL cards are currently being ordered and will be forthcoming soon!

          73 and cu from W3LPL in ARRL SSB on 80m - Rob

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