RRROCKER at delphi.com RRROCKER at delphi.com
Wed Jan 4 20:04:55 EST 1995

0100-0250: 40 meters: 118 QSOs
Serious pipeline to 1/2/3-land: BIG signals from K5ZD, K8JLF, WA2SRQ, 
K2TW, WN3K, K4PQL. West Coast was up and down, but usually workable.
Black Hole guys were hiding, except VE4VV. Not one QSO with 8/9/0-land!
By 0250 I think everyone had left 40m but me. N6TR was the last one I heard.

0250-0300: 80 meters: 1 QSO
*pffffft* <-- sound of air rushing from burst bubble 
Unusually poor condx + S9 buzz from unidentified household appliance = 
only 1 QSO (K4PQL) in the last 10 minutes. May have been the damn TV set 
but I didn't think dad would go for turning the Sugar Bowl off.

Most QSOs: K5ZD (14), WA2SRQ (11), K4PQL (10)
Great fun! (last 10 minutes aside)  Can't wait for the next one.
73 es CU in NAQP if I can drag myself back to MS that soon.

-- ray, WQ5L ... RRROCKER at delphi.com

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