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Fri Jan 6 00:27:02 EST 1995

Are there electronic versions of any contest club newsletters available?  I'd 
find it interesting to be able to FTP them from time to time.  Since they are 
pretty long, sending them to the whole reflector is probably not a good 
idea but maybe there's a collection point where multiple club 
newsletters could be made available.  Someone (WA6OTU? Thanks!) recently sent 
me a copy of the Southern California Contest Club newsletter and I've 
received Frankford Radio Club newsletters for several years - plus the YCCC 
newsletter for even longer.

It seems like the right time to start to move from paper to e-mail for some 
things (though charts and graphs aren't easily handled yet) - and with 
postage at 32 cents it's gonna cost more to mail them...    Or do some clubs 
use packet instead of a newsletter?

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>From Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at  Sat Jul  1 00:49:14 1995
From: Rich L. Boyd" <rlboyd at (Rich L. Boyd)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 19:49:14 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Possibly naive wish dept.
Message-ID: <Pine.3.07.9506301913.A7459-8100000 at>

A lot of this info can be gleaned from the top ops interviews published by
LTA, and the Dayton Contest Forum transcripts (and maybe videotapes).

That is, referring to N4ZR's wish for station design info from top stations.

Rich Boyd KE3Q

>From Doug Grant <0006008716 at>  Sat Jul  1 01:47:00 1995
From: Doug Grant <0006008716 at> (Doug Grant)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 95 19:47 EST
Subject: Contest Station Design
Message-ID: <90950701004709/0006008716NA4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Actually, the details of how to design a contest station are a well-kept
secret, available only to a select few who know the password, the secret
handshake, and have solemnly swron an oath never to share their wisdom.

Or so it is rumored by those who are seeking guidance.

Several people who turned in survey forms at the Dayton Contest Forum were
asking for presentations on the same topic for next year. I know it's way early,
but since lots of contest station builders are building things this fall, I'd
like to ask you guys to document what you're doing and why, then take lots of
pictures, and volunteer to do a talk at Dayton next year.

Sharing the secret handshake is optional.

Seriously - if you're doing big thins this summer (either inside or outside!),
let me know, and you can gain fame, fortune, and callsign recognition as a 
Contest Forum speaker (and get a neat badge, too!).


>From jreid at (Jim Reid)  Sat Jul  1 03:09:50 1995
From: jreid at (Jim Reid) (Jim Reid)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 16:09:50 -1000
Subject: Tokyo Packet Cluster
Message-ID: <199507010208.QAA01121 at>

>From: jreid at (Jim Reid)
>Subject: Tokyo Packet Cluster


Appears dx reflector is down until after
the 4th Holiday.,

>Would appreciate e-mail address for the great
>guy who occasionally translates (I guess when
>neccessary)  and re-posts from the Tokyo cluster
>some of the spots here on the reflector.  Would like
>to see if we can get the Tokyo Cluster connected
>or fed somehow to the Web Cluster posted by
>OH2BUA.  Jukka  could probably delete any comments
>posted in the Japanese language, and just list the calls
>and frequencies being noted from Japan.  This would
>give Jukka his needed peek at the bands from the
>Far East,  and provide close to world wide cluster spotting
>avaialabe to all on the www.  
>If you havn't had a look at the OH2BUA  web page recently,
>you ought to take a look,  it is in near real time now,  and
>very informative;  even sorts the spots by band!
>Take a look at
>using a good browser such as Netscape 1.1.  You'll be
>pretty pleased with what you find,  have you not already
>seen this page on the web.
73 and Aloha,
Jim Reid, AH6NB (Happily retired on the Island of Kauai)
Hawaii,  USA     Email: jreid at

>From Gary Schwartz <garyk9gs at>  Sat Jul  1 03:05:47 1995
From: Gary Schwartz <garyk9gs at> (Gary Schwartz)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 21:05:47 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Late 1A FD score N9AU
Message-ID: <Pine.3.02.9506302147.A20720-b100000 at>

The PBR Pse gang has finally recovered from all the bug bites and here's
how we did:

		80 CW		100 QSO's
		40 CW		475
		20 CW		372
		15 CW		102
				1049 total QSO's (all CW)

	Score=1049 X 2 X 2 (4196 QSO Points) + 700 Bonus points = 4896

	Station: Drake TR-7 (secret weapon), TS-850S, Custom Built PC and
logging software.

	Antennas: 80M Horizontal Loop @ 40 feet, Tribander at 25 feet,
dipole for RS-12/13 receive

	Power: Generator charging batteries.

New site this year.  Hilltop at 1100 ft ASL.  During the day the temp. and
humidity was in the 90's, and the horseflys were the size of small
aircraft.  At night the mosquito's were pretty thick as well.  A good time
was had by all. Need to invent bug spray laced with caffeine that can be
absorbed through the skin.

	Ops: N9AU, WB9HGS, WA9KEC and K9GS

Gary K9GS
        |                                                                |
        | Gary Schwartz  K9GS           E-Mail: garyk9gs at |
        | Society of Midwest Contesters   Packet:K9GS at WA9KEC.WI.USA.NOAM |
        | Greater Milwaukee DX Association Member                        |

>From John-Warren at (John Warren, NT5C)  Sat Jul  1 03:37:57 1995
From: John-Warren at (John Warren, NT5C) (John Warren, NT5C)
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 21:37:57 -0500
Subject: Contest Station Design
Message-ID: <1407574125-51647225 at BANJO.EASY.COM>

Rule #1 is very simple: Buy a hill.

                            John, NT5C.

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