arsenal at infotel.msk.su arsenal at infotel.msk.su
Tue Jul 4 20:56:18 EDT 1995

International team UA3DPX & I2VXJ and others will be active RW0A-MS.
See you all.

>From Tim S. Ellam  <TELLAM at mccarthy.ca>  Tue Jul  4 17:09:06 1995
From: Tim S. Ellam  <TELLAM at mccarthy.ca> (Tim S. Ellam  <TELLAM at mccarthy.ca>)
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 1995 12:09:06 -0400
Subject: 6Y5
Message-ID: <sff92ed6.080 at mccarthy.ca>

It turns out I will be in 6Y5  around the time of the IARU test. While this is not the
most exotic local, the place where i am staying appears to be amenable to
antennas etc. Does anyone have an idea how quickly you can obtain a 6Y5

tim VE6SH

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