NAQP CW error

Tue Jul 11 14:10:34 EDT 1995

Scott, K9MA (sellington at wrote:
  > KA9FOX did, in fact, operate the SSB Sprint 
  > from my station, which no  doubt is the 
  > source of the confusion.  Congratulations to 
  > Scott for making the Top Ten in the Sprint.   

Thanks, Scott!  Two things confuse me about this finish (a personal best).

1)  I am such a big believer in using two rigs, but at K9MA's it wasn't
feasible... so, this score was with one rig.  Hmmm...

2)  My future YL sat next to me with headphones on watching and listening to
the entire contest.  You'd think that would have been too great of a
distraction. Hmmm...

Now back to your regularly schedule program of IARU stories...

- Scott, KA9FOX
(Single for 37 more days)

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