SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu SPECK at uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Jul 12 10:43:56 EDT 1995

                             1995 IARU HF CHAMPIONSHIP
     Call used: AA4NU                                            Loca=
tion: 8
     Category: Single Op All Band         Mode: CW              Power=
: 1500
     Callsign of Operator: K0EJ =20
     Hours of Operation: 23:58
              CW      CW     SSB     SSB    band
     band   QSOs     pts    QSOs     pts   mults
     160      15      31       0       0      4
      80      62     114       0       0     10
      40     306    1032       0       0     27
      20     829    3109       0       0     43
      15     215     633       0       0     28
      10      15      29       0       0      5
     TOTAL  1442    4948       0       0    117       SCORE: 578,816

Just as in CW WPX,it was one of those rare occasions when one gets a =
chance to=20
operate a "Super-station", only to have that slip away due to circums=
beyond your control.

I had finagled an invite to operate K4ISV (2 hours from here, 7 150'+=
stacks for 40-10, 3 el on 80) and I was excited (just like W0AIH in C=
W WPX). =20
I arrived home late Thursday after a great family vacation in Seattle=
called ISV. Bud had bad news: a wind storm had blown a tree over and =
the feedlines and control cables to the 80 and 40 meter towers.  My o=
station was pretty torn up so I left work a little early on Friday an=
d got up=20
an 80/40 dipole, worked the 40 meter beam out of the tree branches (I=
 wish that=20
tree would go away, Hmmm), put the amp and power meter back together,
reconnected coax cables, and fired up the 930 only to find the TH7=
SWR was really whacky (3:1 on 20, SWR rose in the middle of 15 meters=
, and a=20
flat 2:1 over the entire 10 meter band). I was depressed! But ready t=
o go.  I=20
later found the problem with the TH7-the LP filter had gone flaky- th=
at was a=20
new one on me.  I had left an e-mail msg to AA4NU on my bad luck with=
 ISV -=20
Billy was the guy who helped me finagle that invite to ISV. Billy cal=
led and=20
had great pity on me and offered to let me operate at his place. So I=
 got up=20
at 4:30 AM after abt 3-1/2 hrs of sleep and arrived at Billy's at 6:0=
0. He=20
showed me the set-up and after 24 hours the rest is history.

Billy has a nice station.  Icom 765, AL-1200, DSP-9, etc. For antenna=
s he has=20
a tribander stack (old Wilson System Ones, 4el) at 80'/30' and anothe=
tribander fixed SE at 50'. 402-CD at 70' and a unique 4-square off th=
e 80'=20
tower for 80 along with a reverse shunt-feed for 160.  The first hour=
 was 108=20
Qs on 20.  I made some serious errors missing EU on 10, missed the la=
te nite
opening to EU/AS on 15, and generally failed to effectively S&P. But =
boy did I
have FUN!! Thanks Billy!!!   =20

=09=09=0973, Mark K0EJ=20

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