WD8E Field Day results

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Tue Jul 18 10:41:33 EDT 1995

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Date: 7/14/95 9:47AM
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Subject: WD8E Field Day results

    ARRL 1995 Field Day

    CALL: WD8E
    LOCATION: Granville, Ohio at the Owens-Corning Science & Technology

    EQUIP: CW stn: Kenwood TS-930S & SSB stn: Kenwood TS-440S
           Ant: Mosley 33jr up 20 ft., G5RV's at 80 ft and
                160m dipole at 90 ft.

    GENERATOR: 7kw Coleman

    Band        CW          SSB       Novice

    160         12           0

     80        108          59

     40        144         132

     20         69         100

     15         41          19

     10          0           0          35
               374         310          35

    Total QSO points:  1,092 x 2 (150w or less) = 2,186 points

    Bonus points: Emerg. Power        100
                  Media Publicity     100
                  Open to public      100
                  Packet radio        100
                  W1AW msg            100
                  VHF/UHF             100
                  7 ARRL members       70
    Total Bonus points                670

    Total QSO points                2,186
    Total points                    2,856

    This was the first Field Day(*) for many of those who attended this
    operation. Some have never been on the air. We had no club name until
    about half way thru, it was voted to call ourselves the "Pink Panther
    Radio Club (PPRC)".

    Operators: (2)  CW ops:  AA8SM, KA8ZPE and KA8IIC

               (7) SSB ops:  WD8E, KB8AKW, K8YVK, N8ADX, WB8VEH, W8ILH
                             and KG8FP

               (2) SAT/VHF/Pkt ops: *N8TBB, *KA8VEX, *WD8BGN AND *KB8TZC

               Novice Stn:  *KB8ZYC

       We had a great time and hope to hear everyone next Field Day!

    73   Scott, AA8SM

>From Steve Fraasch <sfraasch at ATK.COM>  Tue Jul 18 16:18:00 1995
From: Steve Fraasch <sfraasch at ATK.COM> (Steve Fraasch)
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95 08:18:00 PDT
Subject: Rohn 55G on Insulator
Message-ID: <300BD0D3 at msm.ATK.COM>

I'm installing a 130' of 55g tower in a couple of months and have some 
questions for the experts out there:  I want to install it on an insulator 
and use it on 160 meters.  In addition, I will be adding one yagi up top.

Has anyone out there base insulated 55g w/ yagi at top ?  I know Paul, 
W0AIH, has done same on similar towers, and he's never lost anything.  I'm a 
little concerned, because I don't want the torque sent through the 
insulator, and cracking it (or worse).  I would assume the guy torque arms 
dampen most of the twist, reducing torque at the base to a small amount. 
 But, the torque actual torque applied is likely difficult to predict.

Last zinger: Has anyone done same with rotating rings ?  In this case, the 
tower would definately transmit torque to the ground, at least to where the 
rotating base is installed.  If rotating the base at the bottom, then the 
insulator must again absorb/transmit the torque, unless the torque is 
isolated above the insulator.

I've considered shunt feeding, but the current distribution is disturbed on 
NEC.  I'd rather insulate.

Finally, I will gain some experience with the A.B. Chance screw-in anchors 
in wet ground some of you have asked about.  I'll report back on the 
results.  My ham neighbor and I will be installing them with power equipment 
as he and I stand in about 4 feet of water.  Should be a fun experience. 
 Mark, K0KX, reports he will watch us from the shoreline.

I know I'm trying to squeeze a lot from one tower, but that's all I will be 
allowed from the city.  I'm not complaining.

Steve Fraasch, K0SF

sfraasch at atk.com

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