Stack separation

Luis_Delgadillo.aguas at Luis_Delgadillo.aguas at
Tue Jul 18 17:15:46 EDT 1995

I'm preparing my station for the upcoming cqww contest and 
reconsidering the  installation of  a Tribander AS4, changing it for  a 
3 Hampro monobanders 20 (4 ele)/15 (3 ele),/10 (3ele.) stack 
Question is what might be the minimum separation in  between
to avoid interaction? 
Plan was to put a 20ft height mast protruding 15 ft above the
80ft height tower and locating at least two antennas in this 
mast segment.
 I'll appreciate any comment.
Please send it private, I'll summarize
Luis Delgadillo XE2AC
Aguascalientes, Mexico Grid DL81
E-mail:  ldelga.aguas at  

>From Rick Niswander <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU>  Wed Jul 19 00:24:18 1995
From: Rick Niswander <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU> (Rick Niswander)
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95 19:24:18 EDT
Subject: K2SX

     I just watched Nightly Business Report (a business-oriented TV
program, similar to Moneyline, which appears on the local PBS station),
where, what to my wonderment, appeared Dennis McAlpine, K2SX, expounding
on the merits/demerits of the rumored Westinghouse/CBS broadcaston
combination.  Those of you in further-west QTH's may still be able to
catch K2SX/1/2 in action.  Although I own some Westinghouse (one of the
few dogs I own, I am happy to say) I wasn't watching the screen until
the end of the interview and only caught the name at the end.
     I fondly remember the super hospitality of Den a number of years
ago (maybe as many as ten) when Debi and I were in NYC and he and his
wife graciously invited us to his condo/apartment on Lexington (if I
remember correctly).  We had Chineese and had a wonderful time.

                          Rick, K7GM
                          aoniswan at

>From Rick Niswander <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU>  Wed Jul 19 01:15:50 1995
From: Rick Niswander <AONISWAN at ECUVM.CIS.ECU.EDU> (Rick Niswander)
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95 20:15:50 EDT
Subject: Kenwood repair

     For those of you with Kenwood radios..... some time ago there was
a message from AA4NC concerning a Kenwood repair shop he was going to
send a radio to.  I had a problem (notice the past tense) with my 940
and called the guy NC had suggested.  I highly recommend him to anyone
who needs a Kenwood repair.  He is KA3LPC, Jim, in Maryland.  He was
extremely helpful and repaired my 940 over the phone.  No charge.
His phone is 301-845-6949.  It's nice to know a good repair place (although
I have had my 940 for over 10 years with no problems).

                              Rick, K7GM
                              aoniswan at

>From Brian Bogh <0006125879 at>  Wed Jul 19 01:24:00 1995
From: Brian Bogh <0006125879 at> (Brian Bogh)
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 95 19:24 EST
Subject: squint
Message-ID: <03950719002430/0006125879NA4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Tracy came home from camp with the flu but she still 
gave it a go. She had 13 q's and 9 colors in 1 hour.
We didn't catch the rules this time, thought the squint 
only lasted one hour. Oh well we still had fun.
Hope to see everyone in the next one.
73 Tracy and Brian, N7LOX
BBogh at 

>From Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr at  Tue Jul 18 05:17:38 1995
From: Fred Hopengarten" <k1vr at (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 00:17:38 EDT
Subject: SquINT
Message-ID: <300b35e5.k1vr at>

On Mon, 17 Jul 1995 19:12:13 -0500, "Jeff Singer"
<k0od at MO.NET> wrote:
> Missed some rare mults from the last test: black and
> neon.

Jeff:  Thought your multiplier writeup was a giggle.  Sorry
that NEON was not on this time.  Annie and I were in NJ
visiting relatives.

BTW, I agree with others who say that, in essence, this is a
QSO Party, and not a contest.
                      Fred Hopengarten K1VR
           Six Willarch Road * Lincoln, MA 01773-5105
     home + office telephone:  617/259-0088 (FAX on demand)
                   internet:  k1vr at
                  "Big antennas, high in the sky,
                  are better than small ones, low."

>From John Boudreau <ve8ev at>  Wed Jul 19 04:51:48 1995
From: John Boudreau <ve8ev at> (John Boudreau)
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 21:51:48 MDT
Subject: W6BAB FD Scores (plus IFDC) - quite late!

> W6BAB - QSO Club of Pasadena City College
> Operating from Warm Springs U.S. Forest Service Repeater Site
> (Former Fire Lookout Tower before a BIG fire, HI)
> Overlooking Lake Castaic, CA
> Call: W6BAB
> ARRL Class: 2A           IFDC Category: Multi-Two
> Section:    LAX
  (stuff deleted)
> IFDC Claimed Score:
> 76 Sections Worked x 3410 Pts = 259,160 pts
> (Does anybody ever work from NWT/Yukon???)

No kidding!  I didn't have a single VE8 or VY1 in the log from the 
VE8YEV Field Day operation.  Couldn't even find a local to come up
on 2m FM!  I guess everyone is on holidays or something...

John Boudreau VE8EV     INTERNET: ve8ev at

>From BILL FISHER" <BFISHER at  Wed Jul 19 10:59:53 1995
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 95 09:59:53
Subject: 402CD Antenna Model File?
Message-ID: <9506198061.AA806173193 at>

     Very interesting seeing the discussion of stacking 20 & 40 and 40 with 
     a tribander.
     I would like to do a model of my situation that includes a Cushcraft 
     402CD stack with a Hygain 205CA stack and two 10m yagis thrown in the 
     mess.  I have all of the models except for the 402CD.
     Does anyone have this antenna modeled correctly for use with AO ???

>From Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at>  Wed Jul 19 15:30:34 1995
From: Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at> (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 1995 23:30:34 +0900
Subject: RUFZ
Message-ID: <199507191430.XAA01022 at>

I had an email that he could not unzip "" after 
successfuly Uudecoded.
I used Unix version of zip(2.0.1) to archive the 6files 
and this archived file could not be unzipped by PKUNZIP.
Use UNZIP.EXE which is free software.

Well, I put self-extracted file named "rufzpack.uue".
When you Uudecode it, rufzpack.exe will be generated.
You simply execute it on MS-DOS prompt, 6 files will 
be self-extracted.

	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	TEL:81-30-066-6408, FAX:81-423-93-4449
	Internet: je1cka at

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