[cq-contest 6630] New RUFZ program now available

Takao KUMAGAI je1cka at dumpty.nal.go.jp
Wed Jul 19 23:31:00 EDT 1995

Have you tried new RUFZ?
Why not?
You'll find another fun there!

Would you send me your highest score and the highest PARIS
speed to me. I'll sort them and post the listing bi-weekly 

To get the file, send an email to
info-contest at dumpty.nal.go.jp
with the message
#get rufz-zip.uue

**info server is case sensitive!
How to un-archive
Uudecode rufz-zip.uue    then rufz.zip will be generated
Unzip rufz.zip           the following files will be un-archived

   5364 Jul  2 22:02 read-eng.me
     41 Jul  1 13:40 rfzhiscr.dta
     40 Jul  2 22:04 rufz.cfg
  34720 Jul  2 22:05 rufz.exe
 105278 Jul  1 13:29 rufzfile.dta
    626 Jul  2 19:55 rufzhlpe.txt

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>From BILL FISHER" <BFISHER at concen.com  Wed Jul 19 11:09:53 1995
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 95 10:09:53
Subject: Rohn 55G on Insulator
Message-ID: <9506198061.AA806173793 at concen.concen.com>

        Steve I have some VERY LARGE insulators that someone gave me once.  They
were used by the electric company.  I think they would work, but you would need 
someone that was good with a welding torch.  You are welcome to them if you can 
use them.


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Subject: Rohn 55G on Insulator
Author:  Steve Fraasch <sfraasch at ATK.COM>
<CQ-Contest at TGV.COM>
Subject: Rohn 55G on Insulator at INTERNET
Date:    7/18/95 8:18 AM

I'm installing a 130' of 55g tower in a couple of months and have some 
questions for the experts out there:  I want to install it on an insulator 
and use it on 160 meters.  In addition, I will be adding one yagi up top.
Has anyone out there base insulated 55g w/ yagi at top ?  I know Paul, 
W0AIH, has done same on similar towers, and he's never lost anything.  I'm a 
little concerned, because I don't want the torque sent through the 
insulator, and cracking it (or worse).  I would assume the guy torque arms 
dampen most of the twist, reducing torque at the base to a small amount. 
 But, the torque actual torque applied is likely difficult to predict.
Last zinger: Has anyone done same with rotating rings ?  In this case, the 
tower would definately transmit torque to the ground, at least to where the 
rotating base is installed.  If rotating the base at the bottom, then the 
insulator must again absorb/transmit the torque, unless the torque is 
isolated above the insulator.
I've considered shunt feeding, but the current distribution is disturbed on 
NEC.  I'd rather insulate.
Finally, I will gain some experience with the A.B. Chance screw-in anchors 
in wet ground some of you have asked about.  I'll report back on the 
results.  My ham neighbor and I will be installing them with power equipment 
as he and I stand in about 4 feet of water.  Should be a fun experience. 
 Mark, K0KX, reports he will watch us from the shoreline.
I know I'm trying to squeeze a lot from one tower, but that's all I will be 
allowed from the city.  I'm not complaining.
Steve Fraasch, K0SF
sfraasch at atk.com

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