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Fri Jul 21 09:58:02 EDT 1995

The reflector seems to be in use!!!!!!
Send the re; to the orginal person posting and give him your comments!

My mail is full of RE: everyday....enough!

Mike KB5YVT.

>From KAY, LEONARD" <LKAY at  Fri Jul 21 17:30:00 1995
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 95 09:30:00 PDT
Subject: want OMNI VI vs. FT-1000 performance comments
Message-ID: <300FD678 at>

>I am considering trading my FT-1000 for an OMNI VI and would like to hear
>comments from people who have used both rigs in the heat of battle
>(whether or not you asked QRL first).   I have used the 1000 for about a
>year, both at home & at W3LPL, and have used an OMNI VI for about a week
>at home, but haven't had both rigs side by side yet to make a direct
>comparison.   I have used both radios enough to know what all the knobs
>do, & I know all about TT's great service so all I'm really interested in
>are comments on receiver performance.  I'm a CW op & rarely work SSB.
>Thanks for your replies.  73,

>Mike Cizek   KO7V

Mike (and everybody), please sign your E-mail address on your letter. I
wanted to reply to you personally but unfortunate types like myself who
have to use Microsoft Mail get their headers stripped and lose the 'from'

I would like to see a results summary from your post, Mike! I'm also
considering which rig to buy, FT-990/1000 or Omni VI. Thanks!

73, Len

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