VP5 Turks & Caicos

Rob Snieder PA3ERC norf at euronet.nl
Fri Jul 21 10:11:52 EDT 1995

Four members of the Contestgroup PI4COM will be active from 
Providenciales Island from 7-26 September. The members are PA3ERC, 
PA3EWP, PA3BBP and PA3FQA. They will sign VP5/owncall and will be 
active on all bands SSB, CW and RTTY. During the WAE SSB contest
from 9-10 September abd the CQWW RTTY contest from 23-24 September
they will sign VP5C. All QSLs via PA3ERC:
R.J. Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273-VS, Voorburg, Netherlands.
Rob Snieder PA3ERC
norf at euronet.nl

>From k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp)  Fri Jul 21 15:23:00 1995
From: k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp) (Charles Fulp)
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 95 14:23 WET DST
Subject: "Is this frequency in use"
Message-ID: <m0sZMjT-0004h7C at nn.fast.net>

As usual I take a wishy washy position on this one.  Observation #1 would
be that I can never remember K3ZO opening up on "my" run frequency.  I have
moved in on him a few times, and usually back off once I realize he is
there.  I tend to use tight filters so if Fred ever moved in close, I was
not bothered, and with his practice of using wide filters, I suspect I
am the more likely culprit.  I noticed a few of the QRL supporters are 
guys I have had problems with on one occasion or another.  I usually
ask "anyone here?" (on cw just a ? followed by brief pause and test de K3WW) 
briefly pause then sign K3WW ...contest... and gradually
work up to a full 2X1 CQ ...which is not much longer than IS THIS FREQUENCY
IN USE? For a real contester either would present the same amount of QRM,
and should not matter, for the casual operator in the wrong place at the
wrong time, I am a little timid about stomping on him.  On the other hand
In recent years there seem to be more very aggressive frequency guardians,
who will tell you any spot on the band is in use, sometimes with profanities
and then disappear, or move off to a fairly distant frequency.  No good
solution, except to stay on CW and hope everyone learns to zero beat and
use 250 Hz filters or better.  Ive all but shared frequencies with good
friends, fairly successfully on some paths, and been run off by guys
that I can hardly hear, but that are getting the action where I am aiming.
With guys jumping bands with multiple stations, many are NOT available to
respond, or only able to guard "their" run frequency while busy doing 
other things.  If you are really controlling a frequency, not many guys
will try to take it, at least not for long.  
73 Chas K3WW

>From sellington" <sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu  Fri Jul 21 20:00:01 1995
From: sellington" <sellington at mail.ssec.wisc.edu (sellington)
Date: 21 Jul 1995 14:00:01 -0500
Subject: QRL, etc.
Message-ID: <n1405787280.14177 at mail.ssec.wisc.edu>

N0AX writes:

>I think the whole point that is getting lost in the donnybrook over how to
>start calling is that listening first acheives the same result as making a
>query of any sort.

Now always the same result.  The station transmitting may be inaudible to
you, while the station listening hears you very well.  Haven't we all had
to defend the frequency repeatedly while trying to get a fill from a
really weak station?

The problem with just listening longer, besides the wasted time, is that
someone less polite is sure to grab the frequency first.

Scott  K9MA
sellington at ssec.wisc.edu 

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