SprINT score?

Nd3f at aol.com Nd3f at aol.com
Mon Jul 24 08:30:48 EDT 1995

de ND3F (Brian, MD)
Thanks for all the repeats guys.  Guess I need a cw filter in this
new radio (ICOM 736). Antenna:  1000' loop, horizontal and up 65'
in the trees, Kt34A at 70' 
40:  7Qs, much wasted time in high noise
20: 113Qs, mostly with 6's
total 120.  N0BSH was pushing 170 at end.
Didn't get the "rhythm" of the contest til about 0230...about the time
the band faded to west.
I forgot to move once (sorry!) but don't know how to adjust
the log to show this.  I never saw my name after the first QSO,
so I assume it got busted early...

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