Balun Preferences

Jastaples at Jastaples at
Wed Jul 26 20:34:20 EDT 1995

It has generally been my practice to build coax baluns for both monoband and
triband beams. However, recently I built two Cushcraft 40-2CD monoband yagis
following the W6QHS guidelines. In both cases I used the W2DU ferrite-bead
balun supplied by The WIreman, Inc. (Model 827SP).  So far, all is well.

I am currently preparing a Cushcraft A3SDX  and am considering the use of the
same balun. I would be interested in the comments and suggestions of any who
may have had experience or knowledge concering this approach. While I don't
see it as a critical item,,
it would be of interest to hear what the prevailing wisdom is on the subject.

I will summarize and reply to those who respond. If there is sufficient
interest, I'll post the summary to the Reflector. 


Joe, W5ASP
jastaples at

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