Becoming a QRQ Operator

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Thu Jul 27 09:17:13 EDT 1995

>     I suggest that you put down your pencil.  Start getting on the bands 
>     every day and listening to QSO's above your current comfortable speed. 
>      Don't worry that you miss things.  Copy what you can and don't get 
>     stressed out about it.  After awhile you will start to copy more and 
>     more words.  Then instead of copying letters you will be copying 
>     sounds or words.  As the CW comes over the speaker you will start to 
>     mouth the code (so to speak).
>     Another tip:  Don't use a keyboard.  Real men only use paddles.  
>     Bigger men use bugs.  I'm not a bigger man.  Never could get used to 
>     those darn things.  Or is that old men?  What say AR?
>     73
>     Bill Fisher, KM9P   
>     55wpm +
Well, Bill, I agree with you mostly, but I have found that keyer operators
send better and faster than bug operators.  The keyer requires the ear, more
so than the bug. I am not saying that you can send with a bug without the
ear, but the keyer demands it all. I recommend using cw tapes, also, as
background music while driving to work. You do not have to pay attention, it
will just soak in. Tapes made by the different morse programs cand accept any
text, so dump them in, record them at a challenging speed, and smooth you
speed up a notch or two.

73, K8Joe"Palooka"
jpontek at

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