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Hi All... Multiple Email on this thread,  so using the wide filter for

The monos are ON4UN 3el-40 with ARRL 3el - 20 forward staggered... The 20 Ref
is forward of the 40 DE...  Boom length (currently) is 36.5'... All elements
insulated from the boom... 

Bruce...Your other comments are well founded and duly noted..

I feel there is still work to be done in the understanding of phasing of
antenna stacks.. One of the purposes of building my stack , besides
contesting, is to be able to do some investigation on stack phasing...( sine
wave, signal source 1 mile away across an open field, using adjustable line
sections, and a scope to see what is happening)... I have read most of the
material you cite... One of the basic principles of science is independent
corroboration of results...But, I see many statements on antennas which
appear to be a parroting of the original investigator, rather than new
investigation confirming the original work... (Or worse yet, various authors
cite each other in a circle, with none of them having done an actual test of
the item cited)  
A case in point is the 90 deg. phasing of driven 2 el vertical arrays...
Until the investigation by Elnec proved that a 73 deg line gave optimal
matching/phasing, we all carefully cut ( miles of ) 1/4 wave delay lines for
the matching harness, because all the 'experts' said so, in hundreds of
articles and books ... and they were only off by 17 degrees!  I still see 90
deg and 180 deg lines called for in articles, and we know that it is PROVEN
So, there is still room in the knowledge base on thematching of stacks for
some basic investigation...

We shall see how this new antenna stack works out..  :>)

Cheers ... Denny     K8DO at AOL.COM

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From: Tom Morrison <t.morrison at> (Tom Morrison)
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 12:15:00
Subject: Contests and Vanities
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>> The enemies include: s and h, b and d

As those of us who were brought up at W8SH can attest
(but KH6IJ _always_ could copy W8SH at any speed).

Tom Morrison, T.Morrison at
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>From Dan Norman KJ1N <dnorman at>  Mon Jul 31 19:07:49 1995
From: Dan Norman KJ1N <dnorman at> (Dan Norman KJ1N)
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 12:07:49 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Contests and Vanities
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I think alot of us who missed the mid 70's vanity program have to make a 
choice this year...Should I keep my contest callsign because it is known 
by contesters (even though it may be not so hot on CW) or get a new 
"contest friendly" call and start over.  I am faced with this decision 
because my call is poor on CW (KJ1N is interpreted as K1JN quite a bit)
but due to the fact that I have moved to Colorado, I am tempted to get a 
new call to match my district. (CO is confused with CT to boot)
Anyway, as always, callsigns that folks can relate to sometheing (ie K1AR 
or N6DX or W1CW) would be the call of choice IMO, however they will go 
fast once gate 2 opens.  
I agree-choose a call that doesn't lead itself to combining characters in 
times of heavy QRM... W#ATE may turn into W#WE or who knows!  Calls with 
V, X, and Z's you can't go wrong with...good on ssb and cw.  O,Q,J,Y and 
P take longer to send on cw but if you have a 1x2, no biggie...

'73 Dan KJ1N/0
Boulder, CO

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