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Wed Jun 7 07:04:46 EDT 1995

Hi Tree.....TT has rather harsh business practicices for sure.  I have used 
them on a number of cases will generally good results.  My biggest gripe is 
that they absolutely will not ship to any address other than what is listed on 
your credit card......they have been burned by CC fraud but this policy is a 
pain for me.  I have local sources for steel and aluminum should you need 
them.  I have 105' of r 25 up at my new QTH near Madras.  Will top off and 
place antenns this week end.  73's de Bravo


>From Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at arrl.org  Wed Jun  7 14:37:00 1995
From: Cain, Jim,  K1TN" <jcain at arrl.org (Cain, Jim,  K1TN)
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 95 09:37:00 EDT
Subject: CAC Input DX Contest
Message-ID: <2FD5ABC3 at arrl.org>

On Tue, 6 Jun 1995, k3lr wrote:

> Your ARRL division representative of the ARRL Contest Advisory
> Committee (CAC) is looking for your input on the following topic
> that will be voted on soon:
> Do you think the ARRL DX Contest would benefit from allowing
> Contest Expeditions to DX locations to count for USA/ VE
> club scores in the medium and large club size?
> How would you suggest scores from DX multiops be divided
> among several clubs?
> What about the 160 and 10 meter contests? Would you suggest
> that Contest Expeditions to DX locations count for club
> scores?

This opinion is entirely my own....

Expedition scores should count because everything possible
should be done to encourage expeditions. Aside from the fun
of operating from outside the US, there is no reward for doing
so. Some of us have done it on a shoestring when the money
could have better been spent elsewhere (food, clothing, etc).

This opinion from someone who hasn't belonged to a club
for 5 years but who, in the period 1988-1992, made tens of
thousands of contest contacts from VP2MDC and C6AFQ.

Jim Cain, K1TN

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