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Mon Jun 26 19:57:55 EDT 1995

Dear Friends,

Been reading the comments about the SSTV issue and I do have a few more
things to say.....

Please do not think that all SSTV'rs are bad guys and gals!...The people
like "DW" who justify their behavior by "guarding" the frequencies for
their buddies are the culprits.  The people who intentionally QRM other
communications on the band are the miscreants.  The people who threaten you
with bodily harm are the terrorists, not the everyday, run of the mill
operator who works SSTV from time to time.

We have a serious problem here, but it is not unique..  The problem is 
actually as old as mankind (er personkind) herself!...Small minded, selfish,
uneducated people are weilding power that they are not qualified or justified
to wield.  Just remember what happened during the gas crisis of the 70s when
the local gas pump jockey suddenly had the power to decide who got to work or
who did not by selling his dwindling supply of gasoline.  Unfortunate, but
the same thing is happening on our bands.

Now for some discussion about a solution....Do not look for any reslolution
from the FCC or the ARRL as the FCC has essentially given up policing the 
ham bands!  The ARRL has a constituency that includes both factions, so
regardless of what is right, don't expect any particularly strong stand
either way.  So what is left?

Perhaps some organized effort to usurp the 14230 frequencies to "show
em" who is boss --- I think not!...That would lower us to their own
gutter level.  Although I think that if the mega stations would spend
Sat. morning camped out on 14230 it would send a not so subtle message.

Perhaps reason with the righteous guardians of the frequencies ---good luck
reasoning with someone who is by nature unreasonalbe!

Maybe we just had better continue to try to avoid the frequency and 
if the idiots try their foolishness, well just let em...I know that 
few of those types have the hardware or expertise that I do in dealing
with frequency manangement. Perhaps if you talk with the correct 
Billy Joe Bob accent and have the appropriate understanding of the 
shortcomings of "no branch family trees" -- then you may be successful
with reasoning with those who lurk and guard 230...

Just one owns the frequency and no one is entitled to a 
QRM free clear frequency  ---- unless the goons interfear with a 
legitmate emergency and the associated communications, there is not
much we can do!  Maybe 14230 would be a good frequency worldwide for
emergency communications.


Natan, W6XR/2

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