NA email adr??

Srockn4sr at Srockn4sr at
Thu Nov 30 21:23:03 EST 1995

Anybody know if the folks who write NA have a email adr  Their phone is a
recording and apparantly they only have 1 night per week that they have a
"live" person answering the phone.  A phone number or email adr would be
really appreciated.
tnx steve   srockn4sr at

>From wd8aub at (Doug Klein)  Fri Dec  1 02:54:16 1995
From: wd8aub at (Doug Klein) (Doug Klein)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 18:54:16 -0800
Subject: UR CALL PSE?
Message-ID: <199512010254.SAA02292 at>

>On Thu, 30 Nov 1995 17:02:14 -0500 you wrote:
>|so, what is the current regulation for non 3rd party communications?   
>|"You must identify on the initial transmission, at the end of the final
>|transmission of a series , and at least every ten minutes inbetween, so our
>|monitoring stations can identify you"...
>I'd like to know just who you talked to.  The rules I have been following,
>and this is supported by the right and wrong answers in at least one of the
>license exams, state only that you must identify your station every ten
>minutes and at the end; you do not need to ID at the beginning.
>Or am I wrong too?

Maybe this will help some decide how to identify.  If I come across you,
if you don't send your callsign every time or at least every second or 
third time, I will keep on tuning.  (IE I won't call and wait on you).

On the other hand, if you give me the courtesy of sending your call
often, I will reward you and call you AND stay in the pileup as long
as I think it is more productive than moving along... (assuming I
don't get you on the first call, hi)

That is my two cents worth.

73 Doug WD8AUB

op at VP5FOC .... who signed their call EVERY qso  (at least at my 
operating position)

>From kp4xs at (Kenneth Ramirez )  Fri Dec  1 03:10:25 1995
From: kp4xs at (Kenneth Ramirez ) (Kenneth Ramirez )
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 19:10:25 -0800
Subject: 160 Magic and those darned No Coders!
Message-ID: <199512010310.TAA02259 at>

>Gee, I hope you're wrong...  My assumption is that people who want a 
CB will
>stick to the VHF/UHF allocations, because propagation and antenna
>requirements make HF *just too hard*.  This analogy may be off base, 
but I
>see us as the sailboaters in a world where most folks use motorboats 
or take
>the Staten Island Ferry - we choose to do it the hard way (use the
>ionosphere) because we like to.  As for contesters ... does that make 
>sailboat racers?  
>I suspect that the next twenty years will see a wholesale freeing-up 
of HF
>frequencies as cost-effective satellite radio broadcasting becomes a
>reality.  Wouldn't it be neat to have half a megahertz at 3.5 and 7 
>plus expanded bands at 10, 18 and 24 MHz, just in time for the next 
>cycle (or maybe the one after that, for the pessimists)?
>Pete N4ZR (n4zr at
> Pete,
       As a serious VHF/UHF user I must OBJECT to your analogy of CB 
and VHF/UHF Freqs. Let me tell you that there is MUCH more to an 
effective VHF/UHF station than what you may be thinking. More technical 
planning goes into a good VHF station than most HF stations I know of.
It takes much more skill to work Meteor scatter, Aurora,and the 
tropospheric medium than it does to call CQ on HF and let the 
Ionosphere do its usual,mundane thing.
  Let me tell you that the influx of no coders on the weak signal 
portion of the vhf/uhf bands has created lots of good activity on those 
bands and, contrary to popular belief, all hell has not broken loose. 
The guys who have stuck with it on those unpredictable and often times 
exciting bands have been accepted with open arms to the weak signal 
fraternity. What's this I keep reading about newcomers on HF being 
treated like Herpes sores?You avoid them and hope they stay inactive?. 
160m may be the Gentlemen's band but
 the VHF/UHF bands certainly contain the Creme de la Creme,newcomers 
and oldtimers alike.
   Reasons why the VHF/UHF bands are better than the HF bands
1-Grid squares don't disappear or appear on a committee's whim.
2-You can't create a grid square by setting a platform on it.
3- There is no 144.313 or 222.313 or 432.313 etc
4- Antennas are small enough that it's very easy to experiment with 
5-There is always a "rare" grid square you ca go to for one of the VHF 
contests and you don't need to collect 1 million dollars to do it 
6- The unpredictability of the bands make it a very exciting place to 
hang out!
7- Everyone knows everyone and a good camraderie exists. Have you ever 
listened to the "smart ass" comments made on 75m after a major hf 
contest is over? Especially the ones from up North about not"giving a 
damn" and making obnoxious simulated snoring noises while a small 
multiop or a new contester gives his score however small it may be?
   I sure hope your analogy to CB doesn't get on the VHF reflector 
because you'll certainly be hearing from a bunch of those "CBers" on 
the VHF bands! 73 Ken
 Or should I have said "keep your pedal to the metal Good Buddie!"

>From Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman at CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM  Fri Dec  1 04:20:15 1995
From: Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman at CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM (Ken Silverman)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 95 20:20:15 PST
Subject: 4M5X M/S CQ WW CW Score
Message-ID: <9510308177.AA817791589 at CCMAIL.AIRTOUCH.COM>

                         CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST -- 1995
           Call: 4M5X                     Country:  Venezuela
           Mode: CW                       Category: Multi Single
           160      196      577     2.94     16      47
            80      490     1443     2.94     24      95
            40     2169     6448     2.97     36     115
            20     1249     3682     2.95     32     110
            15     1756     5213     2.97     31     107
            10      126      355     2.82     15      30
          Totals   5986    17718     2.96    154     504  =>  11,658,444
        Continent Statistics
        4M5X   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST    Multi Single    
                      160   80   40   20   15   10  ALL   percent
     North America    150  348  992  936  929  101 3456    55.4
     South America      5   15   31   33   31   11  126     2.0
     Europe            40  119 1061  234  804    0 2258    36.2
     Asia               4   14  165   77   18    2  280     4.5
     Africa             1    9   12   19   19   12   72     1.2
     Oceania            1    1   11    5    6    0   24     0.4
     OPS:  WM2C, WS4E, K0PP, KE7X, WX9E
     QTH:  YV5JDP, hill top in southern Caracas @ 1250m
     TS950SDX, FT990, TS450
     Alpha 76A, Drake L4B, NT1000
     HF Packet + Internet Packet
     160:       full size 1/4 vert (tilted a bit)
     80:        inverted-V @ 26m
     40:        3 ele @ 34m
     20:        5 ele @ 28m
     15:        5 ele @ 30m
     10:        5 ele @ 36m
     C3S:       Tribander @ 12m (Loaned by Force 12)
     80/160 RX antenna, but never used.
     Tower one:  24m tower on top of a 10m high house had 10, 40, 160 
     Tower two:  18m tower on top of a 10m high house had 15, 20, 80
     First off, congratulations to the gang at HC8N for a World Record.  We 
     knew we were going to be head to head with them, and thought we might 
     get beat, but Geez!  This was a bit humbling.
     Had S7 powerline noise much of the time.  The noise blankers took care 
     of much of the noise, but running noise blankers in a multi 
     transmitter environment is no great consolation.  
     In general we found the contest to be strange - we felt loud, yet we 
     didnt have the rate, especially from the USA.  (the .CON stats clearly 
     show that.  Normally we see around + 65% of our QSOs with USA)
     Band by band:
     160:  Sounded like 80m.  This was the first antenna to go up upon our 
     arrival.  Fed the wire vertical against the fence that went around the 
     property.  Worked like gangbusters.  No RX antenna used, so I'm sure 
     there was stuff we could have worked.  Smoked the Alpha 76A on 160 the 
     first night, so most of our QSOs were made with 300W!
     80m:  Sounded like 40m.  Wow!  95 countries says it all, and we did it 
     with an inverted-V.  We first tried a 2 ele inverted-V, but it was too 
     low, and obstructed by the towers and guys.  I need to come to grips 
     with band strategy a little more.  Conventional wisdom says you dont 
     run on 80m all that much (for M/S), but the band was so good, I think 
     we should have spent a bit more time here.
     40:  Sounded like 20m.  They just kept on coming...   that 3 ele at 
     34m, on a hill top that slopes away fast, sure helps the signal!  Our 
     best RUN hour was on 40m, and it was the second hour of the contest, 
     running EU.  It was a blast running JA on 40m in the early morning, 
     boy, were they loud!
     20:  This was the first time I've seen 20m shut down at the start of 
     the contest (from YV-land).  Usually we start off here, with good runs 
     to the USA and JA.  But 20m was closing shortly after local sunset.  
     15:  Good, yet bad.  The band opened early both days, with signals 
     from HS and XZ heard over EU both days at around S3, which is quite 
     loud. EU was very strong, but the afternoon +200 USA rates never 
     10:  Expected much, much, more from this band.  It was frustrating to 
     hear HC8N on Sunday afternoon running USA for a few hours, and we 
     couldn't hear one dit from any of their QSOs.  
     The breakout to Oceania says a lot!  Only 24 QSOs on all bands were 
     made out to the Pacific.  It was embarrassing to miss VK and ZL on 80% 
     of the bands.
     Regardless, we all had a great time, thanks to our hosts Giovanni, 
     YV5JDP, and his lovely wife, Annabella, YV5JDQ, they made this a truly 
     memorable time.  A special thanks to Ramon, YV5EED, the Caracas DX 
     Group, and the YV DX Club for thier support.
     73, Ken WM2C

>From Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman at CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM  Fri Dec  1 04:25:59 1995
From: Ken Silverman" <ken.silverman at CCMAIL.AirTouch.COM (Ken Silverman)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 95 20:25:59 PST
Subject: YV5A SO 40m Score Rumor
Message-ID: <9510308177.AA817792188 at CCMAIL.AIRTOUCH.COM>

     Olli, OH0XX was the op at YV5A.  We heard that he had +3000 QSOs, and 
     a raw score of 1.6 million, which is a new 40m record.
     73, Ken WM2C

>From ve7sbo at (Bill Rindone )  Fri Dec  1 08:25:41 1995
From: ve7sbo at (Bill Rindone ) (Bill Rindone )
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 00:25:41 -0800
Subject: UNconfirmed calls
Message-ID: <199512010825.AAA23398 at>

If I miss a call sign I should lose. If the other guy sends my call right
(paper log) and then logs wrong. He should lose, not me. Thats rediculous
(but probably accurate). Or I'm running a pile when he calls me. I answer
with his call and 59903 he responds 59925, how could I possibly know whether
he logged me correct. The contest committees should do something about that.

Regards all,

>ann at writes:
>> In my .NOT file there are 15 stations that *definately* miscopied my 
>> callsign (see above) and several attempts to correct it failed due to 
>> stronger stations answering the next CQs. I am sure there are many of 
>> the non-confirming stations that miscopied my call as well.
>Miscopying calls should not be taken lightly. YOU WILL LOSE CREDIT FOR 
>Somewhat surprised by my score reduction in the 1994 CQWW CW, I was 
>kindly provided a copy of my log corrections by K3EST, after requesting 
>it. Out of 20 or so contatcs deleted from my log, 17 were because the 
>OTHER guy miscopied MY call. 4U1VIC miscopied me on 2 bands! Bye bye 2 
>One question arises - is this policy fair? Let's suppose the following 
>W2UP: DL2XXX 59905
>DX:   TU 59914
>In this exchange DL2XXX never sent my call, so I don't know if he got it 
>right or not. If he didn't, the contact's removed from the log. SOund 
>fair? Not to me. Suggestions?
>73 Barry
>Barry N. Kutner, W2UP       Internet: barry at
>Newtown, PA                 Packet Radio: W2UP @ WB3JOE.#EPA.PA.USA.NA
>                            Packet Cluster: W2UP >WB2R (FRC)
Bill, VE7SBO, etc.

>From Bob Patten <z002816b at>  Fri Dec  1 12:35:19 1995
From: Bob Patten <z002816b at> (Bob Patten)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 07:35:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: UNconfirmed calls
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9512010713.A9393-0100000 at>

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995 ann at wrote:

> there is another topic that really strikes me besides not signing every
> one to three contacts. It's the way that some stations confirm or better
> don't confirm the caller's callsign. This year it was extremely bad as I 
> operated QRP and several times it was like this:
>   XX1XXX: DL2?  5NN00
Simple - in line four above, send only your call, no exchange.  If he 
wants to complete the contact, he will send your call and await your 

>From Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at>  Fri Dec  1 13:55:00 1995
From: Kurt Pauer <0006743923 at> (Kurt Pauer)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 95 08:55 EST
Subject: 160 DX Test Window
Message-ID: <10951201135501/0006743923ND3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

             The DX Window in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest
Just to restate the information about the DX window for tonight's contest.
Regardless of past practice, the new small window was created to encourage
a sanctuary for non-North American stations to transmit and be heard by
more W/VE stations without being QRMed by W/VE stations calling CQ.  This
window is ONLY for the ARRL 160 Meter Contest and has no relevance for
other contests or operations.  Several people have mentioned 1825-1830
as being the traditional window.  This would be a very good spot for 
DX to QSX when transmitting between 1830-1835 kHz.  
     Bottom line:
     1)  US stations should not call CQ between 1830 and 1835 kHz.
     2)  US stations may answer CQ's from stations on other continents
         within the window.
     3)  DX stations should consider listening outside the window to
         keep down QRM and be heard by more US stations.
     4)  DX stations within North America should consider operating
         outside the window.  (Subject to controversy.)
     My appeal is to conscientiously try to observe the DX window.  Five 
kHz is only a small portion of the band.  The ARRL 160 Meter Contest is
essentially a topband SS.  The DX that can be worked is "extra credit"
so to speak.
                             Kurt Pauer, W1PH
                             CAC, New England Division

>From Robert Orehoci - TIMES <rorehoci at>  Fri Dec  1 14:03:02 1995
From: Robert Orehoci - TIMES <rorehoci at> (Robert Orehoci - TIMES)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 15:03:02 +0100 (MET)
Subject: ARRL 160
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.951201150059.17592A-100000 at>

During this weekend Croatian DX Club 9A1A will be again on the air during the
ARRL 160M contest. Two new antennas are ready for testing and we can only
hope that condition will be the same as last weekend. Hope to se you down
in the log.

				73 de 9A3GW, Robert

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM  Fri Dec  1 17:15:00 1995
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 95 09:15:00 PST
Subject: FW: UNconfirmed calls
Message-ID: <30BF3C19 at admin.ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM>

From: ann
To: cq-contest
Cc: ann
Subject: UNconfirmed calls
Date: Thursday, November 30, 1995 6:20PM

Hello everyone,

there is another topic that really strikes me besides not signing every
one to three contacts. It's the way that some stations confirm or better
don't confirm the caller's callsign. This year it was extremely bad as I
operated QRP and several times it was like this:

  XX1XXX: DL2?  5NN00

Exact same problem from a 9A station, and it happened twice as I
"worked" him again and still didn't get a complete repeat of my call.
I guess I should take the QSO out of my pitiful log....

73, tom WB4iUX
Tom.Skelton at ClemsonSC.ATTGIS.COM (til 22 Dec - 95)

>From ken wolff" <ken_wolff at  Fri Dec  1 14:28:33 1995
From: ken wolff" <ken_wolff at (ken wolff)
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 95 09:28:33 est
Subject: A weekend with K1AR
Message-ID: <9511018178.AA817839255 at>

     This is our K1AR.TXT from CQWW CW. - Ken
Nov 24 15:11  Right:  test
Nov 24 15:12   Left:  yo
Nov 24 17:19   Left:  test
Nov 24 23:23  Right:  hey dummy get off my freq
Nov 25 02:46  Right:  about time you started carrying your weight
Nov 25 02:47   Left:  hey... im running!  QRX
Nov 25 02:56  Right:  picking up?
Nov 25 02:56   Left:  i'm the op aren't i?
Nov 25 02:56  Right:  oh, that must be it
Nov 25 02:56   Left:  40 sounds right again
Nov 25 02:56  Right:  what else could it be?
Nov 25 03:08  Right:  I'm running
Nov 25 03:28  Right:  only if you work guys efficiently
Nov 25 03:30  Right:  now I'M the op
Nov 25 03:40  Right:  hey what's that paper weight doing over there?
Nov 25 03:56  Right:  please continue to shower our log with mults
Nov 25 04:05  Right:  not bad for a "4"
Nov 25 04:06   Left:  Where's the beef?
Nov 25 05:25   Left:  KI has 235
Nov 25 05:25   Left:  I told him 262 here
Nov 25 05:32  Right:  LUK AT RATE
Nov 25 05:50  Right:  REALLY--dh5as
Nov 25 06:13   Left:  hvnt heard hank on
Nov 25 06:14  Right:  not much from XX
Nov 25 07:19   Left:  Hey wake up over there!
Nov 25 07:35   Left:  how could someone like SS better than this?
Nov 25 09:00  Right:  eu still coming in on 80
Nov 25 09:06   Left:  early for a JA on 80
Nov 25 09:07  Right:  r early
Nov 25 09:07  Right:  nw too
Nov 25 09:09  Right:  both eu & ja on 80 at same time!
Nov 25 09:31  Right:  I hr 2 KL7 working on 160
Nov 25 10:00   Left:  100 countries on 40 already!
Nov 25 10:00  Right:  !
Nov 25 10:00   Left:  !!
Nov 25 10:18  Right:  type "version"
Nov 25 10:22  Right:  a man's contact
Nov 25 10:24  Right:  I'm gonna cq on 40
Nov 25 10:43   Left:  ain't this a gas?
Nov 25 10:44  Right:  mult on 160
Nov 25 10:49  Right:  matt has 864 qso
Nov 25 10:53  Right:  he was giving it to me on 40
Nov 25 11:00  Right:  20 not open yet, eh?
Nov 25 11:00   Left:  almost
Nov 25 11:12  Right:  ex louder LP than short
Nov 25 12:15  Right:  sf72 a=2 k=1
Nov 25 12:20  Right:  hrd ah0t call vk4 on 80...nuts
Nov 25 12:30   Left:  15 EU loud?
Nov 25 12:30  Right:  not yet
Nov 25 12:30   Left:  last 100=229
Nov 25 12:31   Left:  fastest hour ever for "AR"
Nov 25 12:31  Right:  fb om
Nov 25 13:49   Left:  p40w trying to rip off our freq
Nov 25 13:55   Left:  come do this
Nov 25 13:55   Left:  i'm screwing it up
Nov 25 13:55  Right:  what was that about doing a single op?
Nov 25 14:21   Left:  won't go to 20
Nov 25 14:26   Left:  EA comes to life
Nov 25 14:26  Right:  hs made me mad
Nov 25 14:32  Right:  gd4uol coming 
Nov 25 15:17  Right:  rdy for 15?
Nov 25 15:17  Right:  ok
Nov 25 15:32  Right:  bill, let bill run on 15?
Nov 25 16:36   Left:  21080
Nov 25 16:36  Right:  don't need jw on 15
Nov 25 16:45  Right:  20 is a good band
Nov 25 16:59  Right:  How do I show band map window?
Nov 25 17:50   Left:  21080  5x4f
Nov 25 17:50  Right:  ok
Nov 25 17:51  Right:  did he go?
Nov 25 19:31   Left:  Well?
Nov 25 19:31  Right:  someone was using the bathroom
Nov 25 19:31  Right:  Oh... you mean mults?
Nov 25 19:34   Left:  that's a start
Nov 25 19:35   Left:  I want the T30, 31 and 33, nbow
Nov 25 19:35  Right:  you're distracting me
Nov 25 19:35   Left:  can't take the heat? Get out of the chair!
Nov 25 19:39  Right:  NL7 Double mult.... so there!
Nov 25 19:41   Left:  fairly good
Nov 25 19:43   Left:  oh, and thanks for the check partial idea...
Nov 25 20:05  Right:  whats the command for finding stations acive in a zone?
Nov 25 20:05   Left:  Ask AR
Nov 25 20:12  Right:  Calling J49AF.. Hearing all EU clg him!
Nov 25 20:12   Left:  We hear you too
Nov 25 20:27   Left:  km9p, the freq is in use
Nov 25 22:21  Right:  you called?
Nov 25 22:30   Left:  Double-banger!  You need 8 JA's to equal.  Get busy
Nov 25 22:31  Right:  7.4
Nov 25 22:31   Left:  ya ya ya.... whatever.  get busy
Nov 25 22:35  Right:  there's your damn 8 JAs
Nov 25 22:41  Right:  there's 16 JAs Big Talker
Nov 25 22:41   Left:  QRX
Nov 25 22:42   Left:  If your Bro-in-law would quit calling I'd work him!
Nov 25 22:43  Right:  it's his wife's cute sister that keeps us together
Nov 25 22:44  Right:  coming up on another double mult
Nov 25 22:48  Right:  who's the pantload in the left chair???
Nov 25 22:49  Right:  is pantload one word?
Nov 25 22:52  Right:  careful about carefull
Nov 25 22:55   Left:  Hey I'm not asleep afterall!
Nov 25 22:55  Right:  4 more JAs noted...
Nov 25 22:55  Right:  3.7...sorry
Nov 25 22:56  Right:  oh, and sorry about the pantload
Nov 25 23:01  Right:  ig9a is a mult pn 40
Nov 25 23:07  Right:  that's a reason not to do it
Nov 25 23:31   Left:  sigs not as loud as last night here.
Nov 26 00:37   Left:  nice!
Nov 26 01:17  Right:  Pascoe getting answers on 160
Nov 26 01:44   Left:  u got the 40 mtr band map full and rdy to call guys?
Nov 26 02:00  Right:  7055
Nov 26 02:04   Left:  you take run in 30 sec
Nov 26 02:04  Right:  N6BV is CQing on 40. If I were S/O: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz, now!!
Nov 26 03:44   Left:  nice one Bill
Nov 26 03:45   Left:  asked 2 CE's on 20 to go to 80 or dice
Nov 26 03:45  Right:  need to try cq on 80 for 10
Nov 26 03:46   Left:  ok
Nov 26 04:04  Right:  You - DA - Man  !!!
Nov 26 04:04   Left:  doo da man
Nov 26 04:14   Left:  where deese guys coming from?
Nov 26 04:14   Left:  soooo weak
Nov 26 04:14  Right:  Got me.  
Nov 26 04:26   Left:  beam south & find a CE on 40
Nov 26 04:31   Left:  we got 100 on 80 easy....
Nov 26 04:36   Left:  4k8 calls in for a dupe on 80!
Nov 26 04:40   Left:  is the ZF on 40 OK?
Nov 26 05:21  Right:  luk for a frq
Nov 26 05:46   Left:  80 getting good u wanna do it?
Nov 26 05:49  Right:  Behind KI by 1 zone and 20 Countries!
Nov 26 05:52   Left:  it's been 2 1/2 hrs since we ran on 40
Nov 26 06:21  Right:  QSY to 40 when u rdy. I'm gg to 160 on mult
Nov 26 06:54  Right:  run on 40?
Nov 26 07:04   Left:  See if you get started on 40m.
Nov 26 07:11  Right:  work the j49 now!
Nov 26 07:12  Right:  is0omh 3550 now
Nov 26 07:46   Left:  My butt is draggin
Nov 26 07:46  Right:  u sleep only once so far?
Nov 26 07:48  Right:  we ran on 40 until 11z last nite
Nov 26 07:49  Right:  seems worse tonight
Nov 26 07:51  Right:  time for zone 6 on 80 & 160
Nov 26 09:27   Left:  n3rs has 4.9 meg
Nov 26 09:34   Left:  nice call that PH3
Nov 26 09:35  Right:  .... ..
Nov 26 09:36   Left:  LUs...nobdy wl go to 80 for me
Nov 26 09:42  Right:  loud?
Nov 26 09:42   Left:  yes
Nov 26 09:42  Right:  thank you
Nov 26 09:50   Left:  I'm starting to run out of mults....
Nov 26 09:50  Right:  I'm just plain running out
Nov 26 10:58  Right:  start running whenever you can
Nov 26 10:58   Left:  GQ, u can get up now
Nov 26 11:10   Left:  I'm clg cq on 20
Nov 26 11:55  Right:  FB OM...
Nov 26 12:45  Right:  about time to go to 15 I think
Nov 26 12:53  Right:  think it will be easy to break record
Nov 26 12:53   Left:  Just keep up that 180 raaate
Nov 26 12:54  Right:  not faster?
Nov 26 12:55   Left:  Good to go higher to average out pantloads
Nov 26 12:55  Right:  is that one or 2 words
Nov 26 13:03   Left:  That Bob guy is below everybody on 20.  What an op.
Nov 26 13:15   Left:  LPL has big spurs on 40 -- one out of the band...
Nov 26 13:32   Left:  7M message = "You must be using PacketCluster"
Nov 26 14:02  Right:  gotta pee, etc...wanna sit here for a bit?
Nov 26 14:15  Right:  28011 YT9W
Nov 26 15:28  Right:  AR fixes rotator plug -- take note!
Nov 26 16:00  Right:  figures...N6BV is on 15 with no one calling him
Nov 26 16:00   Left:  same here right now
Nov 26 16:03   Left:  ya but the computer says the incoming angle is right!
Nov 26 16:12  Right:  dupes are not encouraged at this station...FYI
Nov 26 16:12  Right:  birthday aside...
Nov 26 16:18   Left:  time for 40 yet?
Nov 26 16:18  Right:  too late...missed the opening
Nov 26 16:25  Right:  GA is in Zone 5?
Nov 26 16:26   Left:  thats why they should split zone 5 in to 3 zones!
Nov 26 16:29   Left:  bottomless pit
Nov 26 17:20  Right:  nice one!
Nov 26 17:20   Left:  no 15m ant
Nov 26 17:39   Left:  band edge is wide open... codx must suck
Nov 26 17:41  Right:  that KM9P is a keeper
Nov 26 17:50  Right:  the first crack in the operating team
Nov 26 18:15   Left:  this sux
Nov 26 18:16  Right:  40's gg to be good in a short while (I think)
Nov 26 19:03  Right:  qrx OM
Nov 26 19:03   Left:  Rog.  QRX... QRL... seven-thirds... back to net.
Nov 26 19:30  Right:  welcome to the team
Nov 26 19:31   Left:  is this how you do this?
Nov 26 19:37  Right:  wanna run guys here?
Nov 26 23:42  Right:  hope you like Georgia

>From Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at>  Fri Dec  1 14:43:50 1995
From: Larry Schimelpfenig <lschim at> (Larry Schimelpfenig)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 09:43:50 -0500 (EST)
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951201093103.11720C-100000 at>

    I was just perusing the scores tabulated by Floyd. Figured I could 
    expect to be beaten in the low power category in WWCW by K2SG, W1PH,  etc 
    but to find the 2M barrier broken by a K5 who is really in 5 land is 
    awesome. What is more awesome is to find that a K0 in the black hole not 
    only beat the K5, but if memory serves correctly, K0KX just broke the low 
    power unassisted record held by N8II. To accomplish this from Minneapolis 
    requires once in a lifetime conditions, a really decent station, and a 
    super operator. My hat's off to Mark. Super super job! That's not to 
    slight K5GO!
    To put this in a little different perspective, there were several 
    hp scores on the east coast exceeding 5M. Moving west off of the east 
    coast, the top scores were put in by K0RF and W9RE. Chuck at 3.3M and 
    Mike at 3.2 M were something on the order of 2M behind the top east coast 
    scores. In the case of K0KX and K5GO, they were at least a couple 
    hundred K AHEAD of the best that the east coast could offer. 
    As I cut my contesting teeth in North Dakota, I reasoned that being 
    midway between coasts we should be able to work reasonable numbers of 
    JA's and Eur, thus stood some chance of competing. Boy what I didn't know 
    about living close to the Canadian border!  As inferred by WB0O, the 
    pretty lights in the northern sky is a killer..... Wx people speak in 
    terms of 40 or hundred year storms. From the comments from the likes of 
    NL7G/KL7Y and other folks to the north, I'd have to say we had hundred 
    year conditions last weekend. 
    I find it interesting that several ops far inland soundly beat the 
    top east coasters on low power, while on high power the east coast 
    trounced anyone inland by at leat 2M points. Youse guys done good, and 
    I'm totally sincere in saying that I hope you enjoyed the stellar conditions.
    As a parting comment, conditions on 160 have been terrific since before 
    the contest. G3FPQ was S9 on an IC735 without the preamp, using the 
    vertical on receive at our senset last night. Interesting that in most cases 
    I am copying the dx on top band better with the vertical than the 
    beverages so far this year. Weird!
    73 de Larry K7SV in VA - lschim at

>From sawyers" <sawyers at  Fri Dec  1 14:39:12 1995
From: sawyers" <sawyers at (sawyers)
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 95 08:39:12 cst
Subject: 160 magic
Message-ID: <9511018178.AA817828779 at>

>Subject: 160 magic
>Author:  "Wes Attaway (N5WA)" <wes at> at ccmgw1
>Date:    11/30/95 08:57 PM
>Well, we seem to have slipped from the "magic" into another discussion of 
>whether or not no-code ops can ever be "real" hams, or even "good" hams.  
>As much as I love CW (I operate CW about 65-70% of the time), I really 
>can't see what CW has to do with being a good ham operator.  It seems to 
>me that John Warren (NT5C) is certainly on the right track .... 
>introducing some new ops to DXing.  Who knows, maybe one or all three will 
>later find that there really is some virtue in the code.  But, whether 
>they do or don't, with a mentor like John they will become good ops.  
>Isn't this what we really need? People who like to operate and take pride 
>in their accomplishments, whether they be CW folks, DXers, or VHFers?  
>......... Wes Attaway  (N5WA) ......... 2048 Pepper Ridge, Shreveport, LA 
>Tel: 318-7973012 --- Fax: 318-7974972 
____________________________ Reply Separator ____________________________

It is nice to hear that at least some folks think we have some 

I have developed a thick skin over the years about no code. 

In some ways, I think all of the complaining about no-codes gives 
contesters and code ticket holders a bad image in the eyes of the 

If they don't admire the people in the code world, I doubt that they will 
ever want to join them. It is hard to admire someone that is always putting 
you down.

For some of us it is a difficult skill to aquire. For me, 25 wpm sounds 
like an agree bumble bee, but I can hand code a packet message in binary, 
or do tower wind loading and structural analysis. 

Different strokes for different folks. We all have strengths and 
limitations and each has to work around their own.

73 de steve n0yvy

My company and I agree on at least one thing: My opinions are my own.

>From Martin Arno" <AMA at  Fri Dec  1 16:30:31 1995
From: Martin Arno" <AMA at (Martin Arno)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 16:30:31 EET
Subject: Yaesu users
Message-ID: <MAILQUEUE-101.951201163031.288 at>

Somebody got problems when using linear with vox-operation
Symptom: Linear doesnt give fullpower emidiatly when tranmitting 
Fault is usually that SWR-measurement circuit is fast and 
linear relay is slow --- rigs alc reduses power down and back delayed
Add small tantalium condensator to swr-measurement line 
Fex. FT-990: add 0.33uf/16V  IC Q1014-2 from  pin 5 to ground 
Arno OH7XM

>From DFREY at (DFREY)  Fri Dec  1 13:41:42 1995
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 08:41:42 -0500
Subject: FT-1000MP and Alpha 87.
Message-ID: <0bf14d20 at>

     >enough to properly drive the 87 (10W too little, 50W too much).  
     According to the FCC type acceptance gain requirements which the Alpha 
     87 supposedly meets, It must take *at least* 50W drive to get 1500W 
     out.  If you have to load the amp harder to reduce the grid current 
     thus getting more output power, the amp is out of spec. 
     >Without knowing much about the MP, I'll speculate that the set power 
     >levels can be adjusted internally with pots.
     Shame on Yaesu! It's a good call. There should be pots inside which 
     set the power for the two available settings.  It is hard to set 
     unless you have a scope since few power meters read peak very well.
     Dick, K4XU

>From Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at>  Fri Dec  1 14:51:28 1995
From: Tony Brock-Fisher <fisher at> (Tony Brock-Fisher)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 1995 09:51:28 -0500
Subject: 160 Magic
Message-ID: <9512011451.AA05304 at>

It seems my previous comments aroused a few responses; all of them
passionate. At least we all have the same regard and concern for 
the hobby, albeit with different opinions as to the best way to
protect and promote it. I'd like to clarify my position a bit.

 Perhaps my choice of words was inappropriate; but
I am still firmly against the lifting of the code requirement. If you
want to hear all my reasons, we could continue the discussion. My reasons
do NOT include such things as "I had to do it so you should have to do 
it too" or "Hard work is good for the soul".

We shouldn't be lowering our standards in any way. If anything, we should
be raising them. I'm not sure doubling the number of hams in the world
overnight is such a good idea. If we contemplate eliminating the code
requirement, we need to add another requirement which keeps up the
standards for people entering the hobby. If we just keep eliminating
standards, we WILL be CB sooner or later.

As far as supporting 'new blood' I do consistently invite neophytes,
be they 'coded' or not, into my shack on contest weekends. One of my
best ops for multi-singles started life as a no-coder. Now he copies
at 20+.

-Tony, K1KP, fisher at

>From Assarabowski, Richard" <AssaraR at  Fri Dec  1 15:26:00 1995
From: Assarabowski, Richard" <AssaraR at (Assarabowski, Richard)
Date: Fri, 01 Dec 1995 10:26:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: SN3A 80m & SN2B (M/S) CQWW CW Scores
Message-ID: <30BF1EAF at>

Received the following scores:

     SN3A (SP3HLM op) (80)         2090 / 38 / 127     651,300

     SN2B (SP2FAX, etc.) (M/S)     3706 / 166 / 555    5,672,828

                                   -- Rich K1CC (K1KI M/M 160)
                                       assarar at

>From mraz at (Kris I. Mraz)  Fri Dec  1 15:27:18 1995
From: mraz at (Kris I. Mraz) (Kris I. Mraz)
Date: Fri, 1 Dec 95 09:27:18 CST
Subject: Vanity 610V now available
Message-ID: <9512011527.AA00624 at>

Form 610V (for vanity callsigns) is now available. Our corporate atty
in Washington has been watching for it for several of us back home.
He faxed us one yesterday (Thursday).

Now we just have to wait to be able to use it :-(

Kris AA5UO
mraz at

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