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As I just got the not from maurio the Home page of the operation in mount 
Nebo photos are now available .......

the address is as follows : http://promet12.cineca.it/htdx 

if you have access pls try it out and comment there will be more photos next 
week as we keep updating....

If you have any homepage and u can make links to it it would be nice.....

73's   Amir Bazak   4X6TT

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>From Beaudry, Tom" <Tom_Beaudry at tvratings.com  Sat Nov 11 01:06:00 1995
From: Beaudry, Tom" <Tom_Beaudry at tvratings.com (Beaudry, Tom)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 95 17:06:00 PST
Subject: YS1ZTM
Message-ID: <30A3F677 at mailgate.dun.nielsen.com>

I'll be in El Salvador from 18 November through 28 November.  This will   
be a CW operation.  Have a R5 for 20M-10M and am looking for something   
for 80M-30M.  I'll also be doing a low key operation during the CQ WW.

Thomas M. Beaudry K8LA / YS1ZTM
Tom_Beaudry at tvratings.com

>From Dave Pascoe <pascoe at mathworks.com>  Fri Nov 10 22:19:17 1995
From: Dave Pascoe <pascoe at mathworks.com> (Dave Pascoe)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 17:19:17 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CW SS QRP Scores
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951110171728.25491F-100000 at turing>

On Fri, 10 Nov 1995, Mayer, Eliot wrote:
> I also saw a message that tried to make me feel guilty
> that I guest operated at a big station.  I've done plenty
> of SS's from my humble home QTH, and I really had a blast
> this time, pumping 5W into K1EA's awesome antennas.  Both
> approaches have their merit.

True.  There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, either way you 
choose to do it.  Next thing you know they'll be trying to make you feel bad 
for not putting a 20dB attenuator in your receive line.  ;-)

73 es good job!
Dave KM3T

>From Dave Pascoe <pascoe at mathworks.com>  Fri Nov 10 23:16:05 1995
From: Dave Pascoe <pascoe at mathworks.com> (Dave Pascoe)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 18:16:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Guest Ops in SS
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951110172818.25491G-100000 at turing>

On Thu, 9 Nov 1995, Gary E Jones wrote:
>     As one of the people that has commented at various points in NCJ and
> again on the reflector that I am personally unimpressed with
> guest-operations because I see them as the result of 1.) one, or a group
> of people with mega-bucks to blow on a station, but not much motivation,
> and 2.) a superb operator with all the motivation and time in the world
> but little hardware, and money for bus-fare to the guest station, and
> given your comment at the end your recent post, I find that I must
> respond. I, for one, am far more impressed with the almost 1400 Qs that
> were made with your own station... what a great effort! Thats impressive
> in my book. Makes you wonder why you haven't done it before, right?

Baloney.  We don't see many instances (if at all) where an inferior 
operator wins or even places quite high from a superstation.  In this 
case, KR0Y proved that.  Of course, this was SS.  Had it been CQWW, the 
results may have been different.  In SS less modest antenna farms can 
do quite well. (But Jeff is so good he would probably find a way to win even 
if he was using a rubber-duckie ;-))

I do agree that it's more impressive to see one person "do it all", but 
it isn't practical in real life.  Not all of us are in a position 
to be able to spend time and money on a superstation.  So why deny good 
operators a chance to use their skills to test the limits of their 

And I'd like to comment on "people with mega-bucks to blow on a station, but 
not much motivation".  I haven't seen any instances where this has been 
true.  And not all station builders spend mega-bucks to build 
superstations.  Take W3LPL for example.  That's a station built with lots 
of sweat, hard work, and ingenuity on Frank's part.  Lots of others 
sweated too (I know because I helped him build it in the summer of 1986).

"A superb operator with all the motivation and time in the 
world but little hardware":

These days I don't know many people at all with all the time in the world.
Perhaps where you are this may be true, but I know people all over the 
country and don't find it to be the case.  You sound awfully bitter making 
these statements.  Why does it bug you so much?

Dave KM3T

>From Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TCP) <lyndon at ve7tcp.ampr.org>  Fri Nov 10 23:26:29 1995
From: Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TCP) <lyndon at ve7tcp.ampr.org> (Lyndon Nerenberg (VE7TCP))
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:26:29 -0800
Subject: CQWW95_Results
Message-ID: <199511102326.PAA11804 at ve7tcp.ampr.org>

>>>>> "steve" == steve howard <steve.howard at dafbbs.com> writes:

    steve> Claimed results from UBC Amateur Radio Society, for CQWW DX
    steve> 1995 SSB, using call sign CK7U, Multi-Single, Canada
    steve> Tot: 2515 5768 73 144 = 1,251,656

And from the competition up north in Prince George:

	VE7ZZZ  Multi-single:	2.035 million

Sorry, I don't have the detailed breakdown handy.


>From Paul D. Walker II" <pwalker at niia.net  Sat Nov 11 00:13:35 1995
From: Paul D. Walker II" <pwalker at niia.net (Paul D. Walker II)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 18:13:35 -0600
Subject: Aging Contesters
Message-ID: <199511110013.SAA26978 at silver.niia.net>

At 10:24 11/9/95 -0800, you wrote:

>Have bit my tongue for days on this subject, hoping someone would would come
>up with my thought (not so). 
>Although I think we have far too many contest categories. I think one more
>is necessary. "First (or perhaps first two) time entry this contest
>category". Call it what you will, but the thought of running against some of
>us crotchetty old f...s with stacked arrays and stacked tubes may be the
>biggest deterrent around. Let them have a first year against other mere
>mortals to catch their breath, see their name in print and get hooked.
>Bill, VE7SBO, etc.

I don't know about a separate category others have defended this idea and a
few more it seems like have shot it down.   Why not simply on the summary
sheet or entry form have a box that says "This is the first time I have
entered this contest."  Check it if it is so.  Then the mags can put all the
entrants in bold print if they want with a big welcome to the contest
community.  Did they expect to win right out of the box?  Probably not.  But
at least they now know what a "fraternity" the contest community is.  

My first taste of contesting was in IARU 1994.  This was my first CW SS.  In
between I have dabbled here and there.  I have guest op'ed once (KX8D in
IARU 95) but mostly make somewhere in the 100-200 Q efforts from my puny
station.  I enjoy the challenge of making myself a better operator and that
is a direct result of the encouragement from those of you in the contest
community - WX9E, N0BSH, K6LL, N6TR, AJ9C to name a few - in spite of the
low scores.

Some people are born with "brass ones" (as it has been stated here before),
but contesting for the most part is an attitude that needs to be nurtured.
I thank those who have encouraged me over the past year.

73 and CU on the bands!

Paul, N9WHG

Paul D. Walker II                 e-mail: pwalker at niia.net
Amateur Radio: N9WHG		  packet: n9whg at kb9kri.#nwin.in.usa.na

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