Contest QSL practices

Sean E. Kutzko tigger at
Fri Nov 10 18:35:23 EST 1995


Received several replies to my post. About a 50-50 split for/against my 
comments. I'd like to comment on some comments.

1) I understand the concerns expressed by those that don't feel they 
should have to answer QSL requests (time, money, income of a ham in a 
foreign land, etc). I, myself, do not bounce up and down with joy when I 
come home and find 10-15 requests for cards (especially the ones that 
don't include SASE's). However, I consider that part of the cost of 
operating the contest. I'm still working on a few awards myself, and it 
really burns my butt to send off requests to major contesters who 
obviously have the bucks to respond, but choose not to (still waiting for 
5 cards for my 160 WAS from last year's 160 contests). All were sent w/ 

despite all of that, I STILL get a warm fiuzzy when somebody sends me a 
card and says, "Thanks for the new one on 40" or whatever. That tells me 
the reason he called. I'm willing to reciprocate.

2) I DO think the way QSL's are handled right now is outdated, and look 
forward to the day of e-QSL's. That is not how it is done at the moment, 

3) If you don't want to mess with the time/hassle of dealing with those 
pesky cards, you have a few options:

a) Find a manager. There are quite a few folks who would LOVE to do that.

b) Use the buro (not practical for intra-country Q's, I know..)

c) Make an announcement that you won't be QSL'ing your contacts in the 
contest (might hurt your rate a bit.)

4) If it will make that much difference, I'd be HONORED to be the manager 
for an Asian effort in an upcoming contest. Just be sure to send me an SASE.


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