Contester's diet...what's best?

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Thu Nov 23 20:57:25 EST 1995

The easiest to digest and fastest source of energy is fresh fruit.  Complex
fruits like bananas offer loads of vitamins as well as low fat energy

I make a fresh fruit salad that includes apples, bananas, melon and pears
before a contest.  It provides a good source of energy that does not tire the
body to digest.  Remember that digestion robs the body more energy than most
any other activity.  It's not a coincidence that your sleepy after a big

Complex carbs such as pasta and certain legumes (rice) are relatively easy
for the body to assimilate, provided they are not smothered in high saturated
fat like butter or cream sauces.  Staying away from processed sugar found in
cookies, Twinkies, snacks etc. is probably a good idea.  They do give you a
quick rush of energy but you crash shortly after to a point even lower than
before you consumed them.  The same for high saturated fat snacks like potato
chips, cheese, nuts etc.  They are tough to digest.

A good easy to eat meal that provides a balance of food groups is a simple
turkey breast sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mustard.  It is low in fat
and high in carbs and protein.  

An often overlooked component of health and energy is the way we breathe.
 Considering we spend many long hours sitting on our cans during a contest
with no physical activity to elevate the heart or breathing rate, it makes
sense to look at breathing excercises.  Once every few hours or so try this:
 Inhale for a count of 8, hold for a count of 32 and exhale for a count of
16.  Do this 10 times each set and you will find yourself more alert and less

73 -- Jim KC1SJ

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