Hamk0luz at aol.com Hamk0luz at aol.com
Mon Nov 27 15:09:51 EST 1995

        Call: K0LUZ                    Country:  North Florida  
        Mode: SSB                     Category: Single Operator/ B
        BAND     QSO    QSO PTS   SECTIONS
        160        0        0        -
         80        7       14        -
         40      122      244        -
         20      477      954        -
         15        5       10        -
         10        0        0        -
       Totals    611     1222       77   CLEAN SWEEP   Score:  94,094 
       Hours of operation: 12 Hours
  Since 1991 (I think),  ARRL has offered a mug each year to anyone who
  obtains a clean sweep.  I have acquired a nice looking collection of mugs 
  that sits on the top shelf of my bookcase.  Every year is represented by
  a different mug that is on that shelf and I was determined that the string 
  would remain intact.
  When I missed KP2 (VI) in the CW  portion,  I knew that my DVP was 
  going to get a workout in the SSB portion attempting to obtain a clean
  The contest started out badly with me attending a wedding (great wedding,
  but I wasn't getting any mults),  and then an Orlando Magic Basketball
  game,   (gotta to watch those Eastern Conference Champions, and the 
  Magic won,  but again,  no mults).
  About 11 P.M.,  I finally got on and 40 meters was one constant drone
  of carriers from the broadcast stations.   That only left 80 meters and
  80 has never been my "hot" band from this far south.   I made about 20
  hard fought contacts on 40 and 80 and called it a night.
  Sunday morning and I still had hardly begun my quest,  but I began in 
  earnest to get the clean sweep.   Almost immediately on 20 meters I 
  worked VE1,  KP2 (the one I missed on CW) and KP4.  This was looking 
  good.  I  ran for a couple of hours with rates above 100 and the mults 
  were being  worked right and left.   Then the dreaded phone call from 
  the neighbor  who couldn't hear anything on their telephone when I was 
  transmitting came  in.   So much for running ..... it was time for quick 
  contacts by the search and pounce method.   By 5 P.M. I had them all 
  except Mississippi which  is a short skip from Northern Florida.   I spent 
  two hours tuning  20, 40, 80, 20, 40, 80, etc. and I didn't even smell one.
  At 7 P.M.,  I heard  W5GAD in LA running on 80 with a lot of Arkansas, 
  Alabama,  Texas coming  back and I figured,,"this guy will probably work 
  Mississippi before I do."   By that time,  40 and 80 were all that were 
  open and calling 40 "open" with all the carriers is a miscarriage of
  So I would tune 80 and then  just sit and listen to W5GAD run at about 
  1.5 stations a minute.  Then tune 80 and 40 again and then back and 
  listen to W5GAD.   Finally, at about 8:30 (1 hour and 30 minutes left !),  
  a Mississippi station called W5GAD and as soon as their   exchanges 
  were made,  I Yelled  "CLEAN SWEEP FOR MISSISSIPPI" and  
  fortunately  W5GAD  allowed me to complete the contact with Ms.   I
  don't know if this is a contest technique or not,  but it certainly worked
  for  me!
  One other item that almost tripped me up from keeping the string going 
  ( the pressure is getting to be too much ),   I noticed in the afternoon
that I
  had  worked all the "4" sections according to CT9.25 and when I thought 
  about it,  I couldn't remember  working SC (South Carolina).   I checked 
  back through my log and found a "W6 "station that was in SCV that I had 
  somehow left off the "V" and therefore CT thought I had  worked SC. 
  Wouldn't it had been great if I had checked my log on Monday and found 
  that out and I had never worked SC?   That was a close call.
  As always,  enjoyable meeting all the guys on and great to hear so many
  high number checks.  It looks like SS SSB will be alive and well for years
  to come .....  I'm not so sure that the same fate will be in store for the 
  CW Portion.

>From Rick Dougherty NQ4I <102505.2241 at compuserve.com>  Mon Nov 27 20:18:25 1995
From: Rick Dougherty NQ4I <102505.2241 at compuserve.com> (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)
Date: 27 Nov 95 15:18:25 EST
Subject: clock  errors with ct
Message-ID: <951127201825_102505.2241_HHM30-1 at CompuServe.COM>

Operated with CT9.23 and experienced numerous clock errors and error messages
between computers...the main computer hooked to packet was a 486dx
and the remaining 4 computers were all 386's linked using the loop function of

Anybody have any idea what was happening...had to reset the #1 computer many
times to keep the clock near to the right time.

Ok u computer guru's what have I done wrong????

tnx de nq4i Rick

>From Rick Dougherty NQ4I <102505.2241 at compuserve.com>  Mon Nov 27 20:18:55 1995
From: Rick Dougherty NQ4I <102505.2241 at compuserve.com> (Rick Dougherty NQ4I)
Date: 27 Nov 95 15:18:55 EST
Subject: score for NQ4I
Message-ID: <951127201854_102505.2241_HHM30-2 at CompuServe.COM>


                          QSO'S           ZONES           COUNTRIES

      160M               83                   17                         53

         80M             183                   25                         77

          40M             967                   35                       120

           20M             835                   35                       109

            15M             287                   24                        85

            10M                62                   11


TOTALS               2417                  147                          461

                        SCORE 3,895,456     points

Operators: NQ4I, KY2P , and K2UFT            30 hours of operation

 1. Operated with only 2.3 operators....the relief team never made it in....
      2 ops full time and one op for 12 hours....
2. Best 160 m openining here in the south in a long while....
3. Since the relief team didn't get here, we had operated full bore Fridday
     and nite, knowing that all we had to do was to make it to sunrise...we had
to      sleep after the hard stint friday evening...so missed 4-5 prime hours
4. Alpha 78 on 15 m quit producing power and took 80 m amp and substituted
     amp from 80 m station....
5. Still the best contest in the world...no matter where one operates and what
equipment is being used.....

>From KAY, LEONARD" <LKAY at pria.com  Tue Nov 28 00:10:00 1995
From: KAY, LEONARD" <LKAY at pria.com (KAY, LEONARD)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 16:10:00 PST
Subject: KB2R CQ WW CW Score
Message-ID: <30BA53A1 at msgate.pria.com>

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1995

      Call: KB2R                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Unlimited


      160        2        2     1.00      1       2
       80       26       71     2.73      9      17
       40       52      136     2.62     12      34
       20      101      253     2.50     20      60
       15       28       62     2.21     13      21
       10        2        0     0.00      1       1

     Totals    211      524     2.48     56     135  =>  100,084

Club affiliation: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

Equipment Description:  TS-820 + Dipoles, CT8

A casual effort from home, in-between doing lots of things,
representing about 8 hours on. Conditions were pretty good,
I was surprised how many Europeans I worked on 80 (with 100
watts to a dipole).

 Leonard Kay, KB2R                | "But we are not dealing with the
 PRI Automation, Inc.             |  normal world. We are chasing DX."
 Billerica, MA 01821              |    -- W9KNI, 'The Complete DXer'
 lkay at pria.com  or  KB2R>K1EA     |
 Editor, YCCC Scuttlebutt         | #include <disclaimer.h>

>From George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at mcimail.com>  Mon Nov 27 21:10:00 1995
From: George Cutsogeorge <0006354141 at mcimail.com> (George Cutsogeorge)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 16:10 EST
Subject: W2VJN WWCW Score.
Message-ID: <45951127211054/0006354141PK3EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

	W2VJN	SO, AB, HP, Unassisted.  Zone 3.
	160	 20	  45	 13	   14
	 80	132	 343	 21	   33
	 40	504	1449	 33	   76
	 20	430	1188	 36	   92
	 15	 62	 166	 23	   34
	 10	  5	  11	  3 	    3

		1153	3202	129	  252  =  1,219,962

EQUIPMENT:IC765,Titan, 486-66, Top Ten antenna switching.

ANTENNAS:	160 Dipole at 30'
		 80 Dipole at 50'
		 40 402BA at 50'
		 20,15,10 C3 at 56'

Forty was great!  From 10Z to 11Z on Saturday I had 85 Qs and
on Sunday it was 92.  Mostly JAs, but a few multipliers also.

Worked my first EU on 160.  Got zone 23 on 80, 40 and 20.  That
never happened to me on the East coast.

George, W2VJN
Umpqua, OR.

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