KY3N at KY3N at
Tue Nov 28 00:26:21 EST 1995


band        Qs       Z           C
160        230      21         72
 80         334      24         88
 40       1448      39        140
 20       1134      38        130
 15        749       29        114
 10          51       14         25
total    3946     165      569   =    8, 233, 278

ops    KY3N, W8FJ, WB3FIZ, WU3M, W3FV, WN3K ,N3ARK

160  N4KG  elevated radial (8) vertical   (100 ft 40mtr tower)
       1 N.E. bev. ts940 and comander 2500 amp.
 80   4 sq. array ic765 alpha 76a
 40   3 element hy-gain beam @ 100ft  s. sloper ic765  Ten-tec Titan
 20   5 el 205ca @ 148ft.  ic765 ten-tec Titan
 15   5/5/5 @ 33/66/99  155ca (shared 160/15) see rig 160
 10   5/5 @ 35/70   HB  (shared 80/10)  see rig 80

Low band cond were great except for 5 hrs friday night on 80mtrs.
lost the prime time with s/9 plus noise level ...disappered 1hr past EU
sunrise ARGHHHH. Fantastic 40mtr cond. 20mtrs played well
execpt , as one N.E. contester is always saying  "big ant`s high are better
then little ant`s low" I beg to differ with him.  Our 20mtr project
being not complete . The high ant was fun but boy do we need a low and lower
one !!!   What can I say about 15mtrs. but with the # `s that
WWV broadcast  ' there is a GOD and he knows contesting" 10mtrs
point the ANT`s S.E. and hope.. a few , better than none showed.
   I have to Thank the guys for getting the station ready for CW not many
outside the FRC knew I was taken to the hosp. Thursday B-4 the WW phone with
a  lower back injury. I also have to thank the
one person who makes, all of it possible. My wife Leanora. Enduring many
weekends of ant. parties. and countless  nights of planning and preparation
sessions . Her words of encouragement as I lay on the hosp bed "you`ll  be
ready for CW " or " you never liked phone contests anyway"   The never ending
trays of food that arive in the shack with such regularity.  How she puts up
with this insain hobby
let alone the" MOTLEY CREW" as she`s dubbed us. is beyond me
But for this I am grateful.
                               73` Wayne  KY3N
                               pres. Frankford Radio Club
                               KY3N at AOL.COM 

>From Gary Schwartz <garyk9gs at>  Tue Nov 28 05:32:42 1995
From: Gary Schwartz <garyk9gs at> (Gary Schwartz)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 23:32:42 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contest "Relief"
Message-ID: <Pine.3.02.9511272340.E4727-b100000 at>

On Mon, 27 Nov 1995, Skelton, Tom wrote:

> Yeah, but since you're in XE land I have to ask to WHICH ORIFICE you
> make the connection??  Is Montezuma one of the ops???    ||;-}
> 73, tom WB4iUX
>  ----------
> From: H. L. Serra
> To: na2n
> Cc: N3ADL; n0dh; km9p; cq-contest
> Subject: Re: Contest "Relief"
> Date: Thursday, November 23, 1995 11:46AM
> N3ADL wrote:
> > >   Jeez I thought it was common knowledge that FRCers use an empty half
> > >gallon milk jug, an appropriate length of 1 1/2 inch diameter hose and a
> > >couple of hose clamps <snip>
> The 6E2T Contesters (ARRL DX CW M/2 World Champs) have a similar set up,
> but we must use 6 inch diameter flexible drainage pipe secured with high
> quality duct tape, and a 55 gallon drum on the receiving end. :>)
> 73, and Happy Thanksgiving,
> Larry N6AZE

Here in WI, at one of the BIG stations, we use a little old-fashioned Ham
ingenuity.  Several years ago, we picked up a used milking machine at a
hamfest. That way, each op gets his own orifice and when things slow down
in the middle of the night, the station owner flips the unit on.  If
you've ever milked a cow, you get the drift.

Gary K9GS    From the DAIRY State
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