KJ6HO at aol.com KJ6HO at aol.com
Tue Nov 28 02:04:19 EST 1995

                            CQ WW CW DX CONTEST--1995


BAND     QSOs      POINTS      ZONES        COUNTRIES  
15          212          556          27                 65    =51,152 POINTS

FT1000D,DVS-2,CT9,6 ELE @103 FT

HIGHLITES:Everything,as this was my 1st full time effort in a CW contest...my
wife liked it as i didnt make any noise!!

LOWLITES: RFI complaint from neighbor even with low power...he has over 200
feet of speaker wire going to at least 6 speakers!!
15m was dead compared to the ssb test 3 weeks ago..lots of weak signals to
pull out..was looking forward to a couple of big JA runs,but was not the
almost no EU,and not even a "rare" zone 12...

Overall, i had a good time and cant wait for some sun spots..cu in the next
one..73 de LARRY,KJ6HO


>From tom at iquest.com (Tom Thompson)  Tue Nov 28 07:17:26 1995
From: tom at iquest.com (Tom Thompson) (Tom Thompson)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 01:17:26 -0600
Subject: Need op for 160m in southeast?
Message-ID: <199511280716.BAA09051 at vespucci.iquest.com>

Can anyone use another operator for the upcoming 160m contest?  I'm near
Huntsville, AL and can go any direction within a few hours driving.  I can
also do a single-op if a kind soul opens up their shack for me.

Tom, N4YOS
tom at iquest.com (or 205-232-1649)

>From Stan Stockton <stans at taurus.oursc.k12.ar.us>  Mon Nov 27 15:09:31 1995
From: Stan Stockton <stans at taurus.oursc.k12.ar.us> (Stan Stockton)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 02:39:31 +1130 (???)
Subject: K5GO CQWW
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.3.91.951128015932.1807E-100000 at taurus.oursc.k12.ar.us>

Took advantage of my son, Kevin (KB5WWA), having basketball practice
Friday night and asked him if he would let the chief operator and tower
climber work one for old time's sake.  It was a great fun-especially
spending a lot of time on 160 Saturday night and finding that I could work
most of what I could hear with ease. 

This was single operator, all band, high (SB220) power, no assistance, no 
strategy, no special diet, etc.


160      62       16         39     Shunt-fed tower with 4 radials
 80      87       19         51     1/2 wave "Inverted V" at 75 ft.
 40     439       35         99     Cushcraft 402-CD at 90 ft.
 20     661       32         98     3L, 24 ft. boom at 85 ft.
 15     170       26         72     4L, 26 ft. boom (side-mounted) at 45 ft. 
 10      40       11         15     5L, 30 ft. boom at 80 feet

      1,459      139        374  =  2,022,246 pts    

>From Decha Phromwong <RRT1NET/RRT1POST/Decha%Read-Rite2 at mcimail.com>  Tue Nov 28 07:48:00 1995
From: Decha Phromwong <RRT1NET/RRT1POST/Decha%Read-Rite2 at mcimail.com> (Decha Phromwong)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 95 02:48 EST
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <90951128074809/0005186288NA2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


>From Stehlik Claus <STEHLIK%ms at graz.pseg.siemens.co.at>  Tue Nov 28 17:28:00 1995
From: Stehlik Claus <STEHLIK%ms at graz.pseg.siemens.co.at> (Stehlik Claus)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 95 09:28:00 PST
Subject: Paperlogs and CQWW
Message-ID: <30BB46CA at mail-pc.ms%graz.pseg.siemens.co.at>

Regarding the CQ-WW Contest I don't understand why I have to send all this 
paper logs when a disk will do it too and - I MUST send a disk if I have a 
score above average. I think its a waste of paper (much) and money (p&p, 
even more from foreign countries with a lot of QSO's (>4200) hi). For all 
 other big events (WAE, WPX, ...) it is enough to send the disk and the 
signed summery sheet or, even better, you can supply only by e-mail (my 
personal favorite).
Any reason for that, and don't tell me anything about integrity (Bob, are 
you reading) ?

Best greetings from Austria
CU in the next contest - Claus OE6CLD / OE6Z

 -.. -..-   .. ...                 --- . -.... -.-. .-.. -..
Claus Stehlik    e-mail: stehlik at ms%graz.pseg.siemens.co.at

>From CLC      SOUK1     Lyn Chapple" <gbbvjgvj at ibmmail.com  Tue Nov 28 09:08:01 1995
From: CLC      SOUK1     Lyn Chapple" <gbbvjgvj at ibmmail.com (CLC      SOUK1     Lyn Chapple)
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 04:08:01 EST
Subject: JA QSls

          K3ZO said
          >Thus a measurement of QSLing percentage which
          >excludes only QSO's from the past 12 months might reflect a bias
          >the JA QSL'ers.  Though I have kept no statistics, it is my impression
          >that the JA's are among the world's best QSL'ers.
          I have gone back through the QSL return rates from my previous posting
          and focused on QSLs from Japan. I have looked at the return rate as a
          function of the year I sent the cards to the buro. Unfortunately the
          distribution over the years is proabably too irregular to be
          statisitcally significant but it is interesting that the overall poor
          return rate of 37% is actually better that that for the years when the
          majority of cards were sent. As these were 1987 (35%), 1990 (23.1%) and
          1992 (34%) this tends to disprove the sunspot or slow response theories.
          I regret to say that I am left with the conclusion that JA's are not
          good QSLers at least as far as the buro is concerned for QSOs which
          would predominantly have been made in contests.
          Year card sent    No of cards sent    No of Cards received     %
          1980                       6                      4          66.7
          1981                       0                      0          N/A
          1982                       1                      1          100
          1983                       1                      0           0
          1984                       0                      0          N/A
          1985                       2                      0           0
          1986                      20                      7           35
          1987                       1                      1          100
          1988                       2                      2          100
          1989                      26                      6          23.1
          1990                      97                     33          34.0
          1991                       6                      4          66.7
          1992                       0                      0          N/A
          1993                       1                      1          100
          1994                       2                      2          100
          TOTAL                    165                     61           37
          I could do this analysis for US cards if anybody is interested.
          73, Lyn G4KBX

>From Thomas Carlsson <74364.2660 at compuserve.com>  Tue Nov 28 10:48:05 1995
From: Thomas Carlsson <74364.2660 at compuserve.com> (Thomas Carlsson)
Date: 28 Nov 95 05:48:05 EST
Subject: CQWW-CW HZ1AB, 7Z1OO
Message-ID: <951128104805_74364.2660_HHG24-1 at CompuServe.COM>

HZ1AB, Operator SM0CXU, SO SB HP
QSO     PTS     ZONE     CTY   TOT
1887    5111    36       130   848,426

7Z5OO, Operator K3UOC, SO AB HP
3174    8582    118      337   3,904,810

Tnx to all for an enjoyable contest, I almost wrote
weekend but here we have to take days off as our
weekend falls on Thursday and Friday.
Had to be Single band as we not have antennas for all
bands at present.
73 Thomas  SM0CXU/AB5CQ

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