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The FCC changed the rules several years ago on identification:

(from The FCC Rule Book, 10th edition, ARRL)

Q. Do I have to give my call sign at the beginning of the contact?

A. You only have to ID at the end of the QSO and at least once every 10 
minutes during its course [97.119(a)].  There is no requirement to transmit 
your call sign at the beginning of a contact.

Q. How often do I have to give the call sign of the station I'm talking to?

A. You are not legally required to mention the other guy's call at all 
[97.119(a)].  The only exception is when handling traffic with foreign 
stations - you must then give the other station's call sign at the end of an 
exchange of third-party traffic [97.115(c)].

* K1KI note: I believe any contest QSO is not third party traffic as long as 
	the USA operators are all FCC licensed.
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