Pileup Offenders

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Wed Nov 29 22:22:17 EST 1995

"H. Ward Silver" <hwardsil at seattleu.edu> wrote:

>I have operated a couple of different multi's in which I observed some
>buttheaded maneuvers by one of the ops.  I didn't hesitate, in my
>post-contest report, to identify what was done and by whom.  As I pointed
>out to the station owner, "It's your call."

>The owner can't monitor everything , of course, but it's his or her
>responsibility.  As a station owner, I would certinaly want to know who
>was putting my "radio name" to shame so that I could either educate the
>offender or "forget" to invite them the next time.

>That's part of the deal, in my opinion.  The heat of battle does
>occasionally result in testosterone/adrenaline-induced cognitive failures,
>so I hesitate to equate one misstep with contant misbehavior.  However,
repeat offenders need to feel a little heat from their peers.

>73, Ward N0AX

Well put, I never had or saw a problem with W3LPL or N4WW 
just to name a couple of the guys on my "good guy" list both 
of which have run large multi operator operations now and in the
past. If they can do it, then certainly the other station owners 
can control their teams too.....if they want to. 


>From Gary Nieborsky <k7fr at ncw.net>  Wed Nov 29 22:49:08 1995
From: Gary Nieborsky <k7fr at ncw.net> (Gary Nieborsky)
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 15:49:08 -0700
Subject: No subject
Message-ID: <199511292354.PAA17196 at bing.ncw.net>

Sort of non-contest question: Is Kenwood still operating their BBS?  Or are
they on the Net? If so, address, phone# please.


Gary K7FR
Antenna Farms

>From n2ba at cnct.com (Brooke Allen)  Thu Nov 30 02:01:31 1995
From: n2ba at cnct.com (Brooke Allen) (Brooke Allen)
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 21:01:31 -0500
Subject: N2BA SO LP Unassisted
Message-ID: <199511300201.VAA18323 at cnct.com>

Well, illness, work and wife (in reverse order) consipired
to keep me from a full effort so I decided to see how well
I could do in 1/2 a contest. Worked 21 hours straight through
plus a few hours the next morning. Ran over my 24 hours by 10

73, Brooke, N2BA

                   CQ WORLD WIDE DX CONTEST  1995

      Call: N2BA                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator


      160       23       51     2.22      7      18
       80       67      177     2.64     13      42
       40      185      517     2.79     27      83
       20      480     1384     2.88     29      96
       15      330      955     2.89     24      78
       10       10       23     2.30      5       6

     Totals   1095     3107     2.84    105     323  =>  1,329,796

All reports sent were 59(9), unless otherwise noted.

Equipment Description:


160-Inv. V at 95'
80-Inv. V at 95'
40-Cushcraft 2x40 at 100'
20-2x204 at 114' and 45'
15-4el at 65'
10-5el at 105 but who cares?
plus: 7,10-30 LPDA by KLM at 50'

Brooke Allen             11 Columbus Avenue
Eve Oppenheim Allen      Glen Ridge NJ 07028
n2ba at cnct.com            1-201-509-1830

>From Jeff Steinman <Jeff.Steinman.0247501 at nt.com>  Wed Nov 29 05:34:04 1995
From: Jeff Steinman <Jeff.Steinman.0247501 at nt.com> (Jeff Steinman)
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 05:34:04 +0000
Subject: 'Cut" Numbers (Again)
Message-ID: <n1394470127.69415 at nrchq1.rich1.nt.com>

                      Subject:                              Time:  1:19
  OFFICE MEMO         'Cut" Numbers (Again)                 Date: 

I have heard many DX stations use cut numbers, i.e. 599 09 = enn n.
But this last weekend I observed one prominent New England station
sending "ENN E" for 599 05. 

Isn't this taking it a bit far ? Granted, the station in question was
running at a very high rate (in fact he was sending it sooooo fast I had
to listen 10 times to understand what it was). Don't the East Coasters
have a big enough advantage already, particularly when there isn't a
good abbreviation for 04 or 03 for us living in [DX Contest]
propagationally challenged areas ?

Please forward your responses DIRECTLY to me via p00259 at psilink.com
for a summary.
Jeff  KR0Y

>From esp at mvuss.att.com (Edward S Parsons +1 508 960 6722)  Wed Nov 29 18:58:00 1995
From: esp at mvuss.att.com (Edward S Parsons +1 508 960 6722) (Edward S Parsons +1 508 960 6722)
Date: 29 Nov 95 13:58:00 -0500
Subject: W1MK 80m WWCW score
Message-ID: <9511300248.AA07046 at ig1.att.att.com>

80m Single Band Results for W1MK.

QSOs: 1072
Z:      26
C:      92
Score: 362K

Good conditions, especially Friday night.  Unfortunately QSK relay 
failed for 1.5 hours during peak run time Friday night.
Still, one heck of a good time!

73, Robye W1MK
    lr at mvuss.att.com

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