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Wed Oct 4 16:19:56 EDT 1995

Hi all, 
I'm sure most of you have heard about the new magazine CQ
publication: "CQ Contest."  I have been asked to write a monthly
column about the youth in contesting (under 30), or the
lack-thereof, and ways to get the level of youths in contesting
higher. I have a few ideas of my own and have received a few
suggestions from other people.  One of the ideas has been 
attempted before but has not seemed to work too well for 
whatever reason.  Being this column is dedicated to getting 
new/young hams interested in contesting, I figure this is the 
perfect place to try it again.  I want to compile a list, a 
registry of sorts, of Contest Stations and Operators who are interested in
helping out the new or lesser experienced 
contester or the young contester without a station. 

     Here is a chance to help in a very meaningful way.   The 
CQWW, SS, ARRL 160/10 meter contests are coming up in the 
near future.  They can provide a beginning for this idea of 
giving a deserving guy or gal a chance to become a better 
contester.   The registry won't be published until the Feb issue,
but we can still hook up a few people via internet.  

>>>>>1. My Contest Station is available.
     Big guns or little pistols, it doesn't matter. I am looking
for anyone interested in getting involved by having a guest
operator, or allowing a new guy to be a part of your multi-op 
effort.  Contesters with available stations or space on a multi-op team from
anywhere in the world, not just the North 
America, please email me.   
What contest(s) can you have a guest op for?

>>>>>2. I want to gain experience!
     Anyone who is interested in operating and learning more 
about contesting by operating should contact me. 

     I will hook up the contester-to-be and the station/op.    

     I want to emphasize CQ CONTEST is international in scope 
and so is this contest registry.  Anyone interested in getting 
involved on either side, QTH-person/teacher or student, or 
anyone that knows someone who wants to get involved needs 
to get in touch with me somehow. I am good in the call book, 
the phone book, and of course via email. 

     I will be keeping a running list of new ops and available
stations/teachers in my column and updating how things are
progressing.  If anyone has other ideas on this subject, don't be
shy...  pass them along and credit will be given to whom it


Paul  WX9E

>From Doug Stern & Lynn McNamara <lmnds at alaska.net>  Wed Oct  4 12:46:39 1995
From: Doug Stern & Lynn McNamara <lmnds at alaska.net> (Doug Stern & Lynn McNamara)
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 95 02:46:39 -0900
Subject: Macintosh logging software
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I'm looking for a logging program for the Mac OS. Is there anything 

Tnx es 73
Doug, AL7QC	

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