My Tower Installation Questions

ehayes at VNET.IBM.COM ehayes at VNET.IBM.COM
Thu Oct 5 10:36:59 EDT 1995

First, I would like to thank all that responded to my
questions on installing a 40 to 50 ft. tower.  You have
been a very great help and I feel much more at ease with
tackling the job.

Here is a short summary of questions and the answers I received:

Q.  Can I bury part of the first section in lieu of purchasing a base?
A.  Seems like many already do this!  (Unless they buy a new tower)

Q.  Can I elevate the guy points?
A.  Again, lots of folks do.  Use strong risers.  ie.."I" beams

Q.  Quad better than Yagi at lower heights?
A.  I think the jury is still out on this one.  Some folks use and
    like the quad.  Most say yagi's are more durable in snow, ice
    and high winds plus yagi's are easier to install and take down.
    I have not yet decided which I'll try as of yet.

One well known contester listed the pros and cons of the yagi/quad
controversy.  I really did appreciate that.  It was extremely

KA9FOX asked if I would copy him on the replies.  I will do so
but I have removed calls and names as I didn't ask permission to
make the responses public beforehand.  I don't know if he will post
on his web pages or not.

Finally, thank you Trey for providing an excellent resource
for us new guys.  Getting honest quick response to questions
is very gratifying.

73  KC5DVT   Wayne     email...ehayes at
Austin, Texas

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Subject: VK0 needed
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Msg  from ei6fr at ei6fr, Subject VK0

Hello All,
         I wonder can anybody help me out with some details of the
previous Heard Island operation back in the 80's ..who,when etc.
Also any info on the island itself would be appreciated.A local
radio club are hosting a fundraising night for the upcoming operation
and I've been asked to talk a little about the island and show some
Antartic video tapes.Many thanks in advance.
73's de Declan ei6fr


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Subject: more suggestions
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i have received numerous comments on how a new contester should get started,=
and forgot to tell ya'll somethin. AL7CQ IS MY TOWER/CONTEST ELMER.

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