OPAL 1 or more, CQP 0

JKAHRS at delphi.com JKAHRS at delphi.com
Thu Oct 5 21:55:41 EDT 1995

As the eye of OPAL was going overhead, I just hoped that the roof would stay
on and the antennae would be operative for one of my favorite contests ...
the CQP.  Well we made it through with minimal damage to the house, just
shingles off the roof.  Lost about 18 trees on the property.  My tower was
cranked down to 20+ feet with a PRO 67B and a 32-19 Boomer 10 ft above that.
 The first sign of trouble was that the 2 antenna were not pointing the same
direction.  About an hour later the PRO 67 was "free-wheeling".  I have NOT
been up the tower but it looks like the coax is now acting as a brake.  Dont
know the status of the rotor.  As a min looks like some coax repair.  The
day before I had just repaired the rotor with new cable....Murphy!  The
antennae themselves look great!  They survived 124mpg with gusts to 144!
Cant ask for more and live in God's country.  As for the low bands ... my
GAP failed at the "gap".  Maybe only one or two pieces of aluminum to
repair.  The 30mtr ground plane has a permanent set in the direction of the
wind.  It is with deep regret that I cant defend the state title this year
but wait till next year!

Let me be at least the FIRST to submit my score this year....0.  I think Ill
have this weekend spoken for.

73, Hank/K2UVG
Niceville, FL
Internet: jkahrs at delphi.com

P.S. For those wondering we just got power back, underground utilities are

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