W8FN at W8FN at
Thu Oct 5 23:38:26 EDT 1995

> In the FT1000MP you can now individually select the IF filters in each IF
> (8.125 MHz and 455 KHz), just like in the TS-850.

Can anyone out there explain just how this "feature" does any good? This is
the antithesis of how a CONTEST radio's ergonomics should be designed. Things
should be made **simpler** for the poor overworked operator, not more
complicated. What's the advantage of selecting, say, a 6 kHz filter in the
8.125 MHz IF and a 500 Hz filter in the 455 kHz IF, unless you just want to
see how the rig works without its filter options. Or conversely, why would
you want a 500 Hz filter in the 8 MHz strip and a 6 kHz filter in the 455,
unless you just like to listen to broadband noise? I used (and hated) an
original model TS950 at J6DX in '91 that had this type of filter selection
mechanism. I'm all for having lots of bandwidth options, but manipulation at
each individual IF is carrying the concept way too far. I assume the use of
"can" means that you don't **have to** individually select the filters,
doesn't it?

Otherwise, the radio sounds pretty good. I'm looking forward to getting to
fool with one.

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