Murphy's Best Prank

Sun Oct 8 23:33:11 EDT 1995

After dealing me from the bottom of the deck Friday night before CQP, Murphy
played his all time best prank on me Saturday morning just before the
contest started. Even though he kept me up late the night before, I was up
fairly early, and decided to ride my exercise bike to work off the nervous
energy. I pulled on my regular workout shorts and tee shirt and hit the bike
for 35 minutes. After I cooled down, I had breakfast. Time for a quick
shower and then to the shack. 

As I pulled off my exercise shorts, I realized something was amiss. Or
should I say something was sticky, very sticky. Somehow, and I have not
figured out how, a large, a very large, wad of gum was in the seat of my
pants. And after riding the bike, hard, for 35 minutes, that large wad of
gum was gooey, very gooey, and most of it was no longer stuck in the shorts.
It was worked well into, well, into where I would be sitting for most of the
next two days. I've never been tarred and feathered, but I always thought
removing the tar would not be fun. Removing gum from such a sensitive area
was not fun, not fun at all. My wife tells me bikini waxes are not fun. Now
I can empathize completely. More on Murphy's earlier dealings and CQP later.


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