CQP Score from NH ( N1KWF)

rlake at TOP.MONAD.NET rlake at TOP.MONAD.NET
Wed Oct 11 00:25:38 EDT 1995

Here it is from NH

SO high power
TS430S SB220 6 ele tribander at 65'  half sloper on low bands

      CW      SSB
160   0       0
80    0       0
40    0       25
20    30      173
15    0       23
10    0       0
     ===      ====
     30       221   = 251 Q'S  X  56 mults = 29792 pts

missed out on Plumas and Napa counties
need to do more on low bands next yr....the wood stove put me to sleep!
I think I put in abt 7 hrs total....fun time
Randy  N1KWF >>

>From kc7v at primenet.com (Mike Fulcher)  Wed Oct 11 04:40:13 1995
From: kc7v at primenet.com (Mike Fulcher) (Mike Fulcher)
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 20:40:13 -0700
Subject: Benin Contest Expedition
Message-ID: <199510110340.UAA27940 at usr3.primenet.com>

October 10, 1995

TO:  All Amateurs
RE:  Contest Expedition

The contest team of G3SXW, GM3YTS, K5VT, KC7V and N7BG will enter as a
multi-multi effort from Benin for the CQWW CW contest in November.  We plan
on using the call ...  TY5A.

The team will arrive in Accra, Ghana, and spend a few days of low key
operating, all cw, focusing mainly on the low bands.  This operation will
take place around November 18th to 20th. The operator calls from 9G are:

K5VT    9G5VT
KC7V    9G5MF
N7BG    9G5AR

QSL each operator to his home call.

The personal calls for each operator from Benin are:


QSL each operator to his home call.  Personal TY calls will be used for a
day or two before and after the contest.

The QSL manager for TY5A  is:

Bill Ferguson
72 High Park Sail
Scotland     PA8 7HX

We have set up a Web page for the operation. We plan on keeping in touch by
email for comments.  The address is:


Our thanks go to Dr. Warren Hill, KF7AY, for the creation and maintainence
of the page. 

Jim Larsen, K7GE, will not be able to join us this year because of
surgery...we will miss him.

We also thank Peter Schulze, TY1PS, for allowing us to operate from his QTH.
We appreciate his hospitality.  Tell him thanks for us.

CU from Benin!

                         Mike Fulcher KC7V
                          Cave Creek, AZ
                         kc7v at primenet.com

>From James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com>  Wed Oct 11 04:09:00 1995
From: James White <0006492564 at mcimail.com> (James White)
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 95 22:09 EST
Subject: Cutting EHS
Message-ID: <85951011030958/0006492564PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

We use bolt cutters (ya know long red handles, black hardened
steel jaws) to cut 3/16, 1/4 and 5/16 EHS. They work
great...before you get the real nice ones made here in the US (it
is an item you will not use that often) consider doing what we did
- get a cheap Oriental import. Ours is (are?) Korean and  served
great for the installation of two large towers worth of double
guys (translation - a lot of guys)....they still is (are?) going
strong. The cheapies are lower grade steel jaws than the 'Merican
(thank you Earl Pitts) ones. The jaws are what wears out, with
them eventually looking like the jaws on your first pair of dykes

We held back on purchasing a pair until about the third flea
market where a pair with prox two foot long handles was 20 bucks!
I cannot say enough about an occassional swing by the
Fleamarkets...numerous pulleys, rope and used tools have been
found there at a fraction of retail. We found a "pork chop" -
slang for that gripping device you use to grab the guy wire when
you want to tension it, for 10 bucks at a flea market - its kinda
like the flea market at a ham convention but your goal is tools,
not rigs! Keep your eyes open for old Craftsman tools, ratchets
and the like...offer the guy a few cents for one then take it to
Sears and trade it in for a new one at N/C - they will do it no
questions asked. 

HL Red (altho from the South) was worth its weight in gold when we
were making up the guys....its so easy, just snip - oh yeah, keep
your privates at a safe distance, there is some serious mechanical
advantage action taking place here! They are handy for all kinds
of jobs (even cutting bolts!) but I think they were made with hams
erecting towers in mind.

A must for the contester with a tower! (Got the C word in)


>From Tony and Celia Becker <becker at shell.portal.com>  Wed Oct 11 04:16:35 1995
From: Tony and Celia Becker <becker at shell.portal.com> (Tony and Celia Becker)
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 1995 23:16:35 -0400
Subject: AE0M CQP 95 in Yuba and Butte County
Message-ID: <199510110612.XAA13291 at nova.unix.portal.com>

                              CQP 1995 SUMMARY SHEET
    Callsign Used : AE0M
        Operators : AE0M+N0BBS
         Category : Multi-Single California County Expedition
 Default Exchange : # Yuba / Butte
      MODE      QSO    QSO PTS  MULTS
      CW       203      609        0
      SSB      156      312        0
      Totals   359      921       46  =   42,366

ANT: 80m Dipole hung between the 70' Ponderosa pines on the east-facing
hillside at 1900 ft. (no balun).
RIG: FT-990, & 486DX2-66 MHz running CT version 9.23.  

Highlights and Lowlights:
The good news was the rig, computer, etc. worked right as soon as it and the
new generator were turned on.  The gunfire at 2 a.m. didn't seem to be
directed at us, and the forest fires just a few miles north and south were
mostly out by the time we arrived, though the smoke continued to fill the
nearby valleys.  We also had enough gas to run the generator the entire
contest and didn't have to go trekking up the unpaved drive and down the
marginally paved country road 5 mi. to the high priced country gas station.

The week before the contest we put up a trap vertical on a carefully
selected, high point--and 12 radials.  We had to first hack and carve a 300'
step-path up to the site with pick-axe and breaker bar, and removing the
poison oak and dead manzanita, etc. to create a path and extra space for the
radials.  Despite REI's best, Celia still managed to get poison oak in two
spots as a result of one glove and transfering the oil from place to place.
The second spot we think was a result of transferring from glove to hand to
a third surface which itself connected with the fourth.  But Celia can
sympathize with AB6FO.  The cross seams of jeans were uncomfortable for
about a week.  Worse, we had forgotten the key to the property, in San Jose,
thus we also ended up creating an extra "drive" around the gate.  We didn't
quite remove enough of the California hollies in that area.  So Celia's van
now looks like it went through Brer Rabbit's briar patch--on at least three

We had invited the Butte/Yuba Sheriff's Reserve communication unit and
Volunteer CDF groups, to participate with us.  There were several reasons
for this, notably the neighborhood troublemakers directly across from us,
and who were widely suspected of thievery to support their various "habits."
Despite our best efforts when we arrived on Friday night the antenna was
gone--and all 12 radials.

Fortunately Tony brought two old 80m quarter wave radials and quickly
assembled a dipole but he forgot to put the balun on until Sunday morning
when we brought it down again to shorten it to 20m.  These combined created
an extra 3 hours of antenna work, on top of the preceding weekend.  Then
there was the wire that fell off the generator on/off switch.  Until Tony
found that, shutting off the generator required shutting off the gas valve.
Then there was the hour spent giving the police report to the deputy who
showed up at 10 a.m. Sunday, just as 20m was opening.  As a result of all
our extra exertions, we needed some sleep and lost some additional time.  We
also overindulged in the fresh vegies that Celia had bought (we expected
more people to share) resulting in several extra off periods Sunday. (The
outhouse was 500 feet away).  Then there were those billions and billions of
thorns and stickers that seemed to get into everything.  Total operating
time, 10.5 hours.

Next year we plan a 60' tower, real antennas, and maybe even an A-frame with
a septic system.  Of course we're going back.  We don't give up that easy!
AE0M, Tony Becker - becker at shell.portal.com - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

>From Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes <ct1boh at telepac.pt>  Wed Oct 11 08:25:47 1995
From: Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes <ct1boh at telepac.pt> (Jose Carlos Cardoso Nunes)
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 07:25:47 GMT
Subject: Azimutal Charts
Message-ID: <199510110725.HAA25019 at mail.telepac.pt>

Hi Contesters

Thanks to

Jukka OH1JJS (OH6LI)
Kristinn TF3KX
John NT5C
John W3GOI

At ftp://oak.oakland.edu:/SimTel/msdos/graphics/gcp915.zip

evryone can download gcp915.zip
The file is a small one 113,502 bytes.
After unzipping it I could only have it running if I deleted the file
gcplocs.dat. I beleive this is where you put your own lat long reference.
Without this file everytime you execute the file you have to change the
parameters to the wanted location.

The program is a small and extraordinary one. It even draws a long path
chart. Is does so with the inclusion of an outter ring along the azimutal
chart, if you wish to do so.
VK5BUB should be acclaimed.

Peter ON6TT and Ralph K0IR I already saw what it looks like from Heard
Island. I dont think you guys will have problems downloading this file but
if you have let me know.

At last it is good to be at the black hole. No matter where you beam sigs fm
VK0 =AB=BBblack hole wil go there.(HIHIHI)

Riki 4X4NJ let me know if you cannot FTP the file. I will be looking for you
from P40E ssb and PY0FF cw on topband.
Jukka oh1jjs let me know if you cannot FTP the file. Good luck with SV9.

Sri BW but this way answer and thanked all at once.

No every globetrotter contest operator can easily draw azimutal charts.

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